Suffering from Poison Oak

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am suffering from a bad case of poison oak. This stuff is nasty. I used to get it all the time as a child, but we lived in the country--I didn't know it grew in the city, too! Unfortunately, I have it in between my fingers, which is very painful & irritating to the infected bubbles of pus. I also have rashes on my ear lobe, chin, neck, forearm, and stomach. Apparently, the poison from this plant is so toxic (85 % of the population is allergic to it) that it only takes the amount of poison to cover the tip of a ballpoint pen to infect 500 people. I got a special scrub to remove any traces of poison that may be underneath my nails or on my skin surface so that I reduce the chance of spreading it further, but so far it hasn't seemed to help much--it's still spreading & inflamed.

Now, it looks like I've transferred it to Samuel--he is breaking out on his stomach & thigh. Probably happened changing his diaper. My doctor was absolutely NO help today. All I need is a steroid cream, and you'd think they could do that over the phone, but no--they wanted me to be seen. Maybe I can get Samuel's pediatrician to prescribe some cream to dry it up tomorrow w/out having to be seen.



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