Secret Trail to Terwilliger

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Our location is sooo great! Just tonight we realized that Custer leads to a trail that takes you along I-5 and up to Terwilliger by steps! Now we're within easy walking distance to the Terwilliger neighborhood & Tryon Park. This is so fabulous. There is an excellent grocery store up there called Market of Choice that has a sushi bar, full deli, and a coffee bar. It's similar to Zupan's, only more expensive. There is Chez Jose, owned by our neighbor Tom across the street, a great little coffee shop called Papaccino's, a Starbucks, and other businesses. Plus, there are nice surrounding neighborhoods for walking. So, this is just one more great area we have easy access to (about a 10 minute walk).

When the S Waterfront is done, it will be about a mile's walk from our house, and a short bike ride. We are 10 minutes from the waterfront & Willamette Park, 2 minutes from Fulton Park & Community Center & Community Gardens. I could go on and on! I'm so thrilled to be here. The neighbors have all been so welcoming & friendly. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of sidewalks in a neighborhood--it is amazing what a difference they have made in our lives! The sidewalks really help facilitate neighbor-to-neighbor interaction. Every neighborhood should have them!

When we got home from our walk & dinner in the Terwilliger neighborhood (pizza slices & a chocolate chip cookie from Market of Choice), Samuel went straight to bed, as it was already 7:30pm, and I went outside and put in about 2 hours of gardening. I got the Spanish Lavendar & some more perennials in. I chopped down the fir tree (spindly little thing growing in front of the dining room window) & replaced it with a lilac tree. Did some watering. Met yet another wonderful neighbor named Hal and his two dogs. Received my 2nd compliment today and about 5th this week on the gardening I've been up to. Lots of people like the bench we put in. We're so damn lucky, too--the only neighbor that has been sort of a pill (lots of cars parked everywhere, not too friendly) listed his house yesterday. 399K is what he's asking. His house is smaller & much less attractive than ours. If he gets that, we'll already have about 65K in equity, and we've only been here two weeks. I knew this was a deal we couldn't pass up, and we even paid over asking. I was using my investor instinct when we bought this house, and it's already paying off. It doesn't matter what the equity is, though, because we plan to be here for a long time. This house & area will go up in value much quicker than other neighborhoods, though, which is yet one more reason I love being here!

Okay, my back hurts--I'm off to take a bath before bed to soothe these aching muscles from all the gardening I've been up to.



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