Plumbing Saga Continues

Saturday, June 17, 2006
So, as Landon was taking a shower this morning, I ventured down to the basement to really be sure that the leaks of last week were taken care of. Sure enough, they weren't. The toilet leak seemed to be okay, but the leaking near the tub was still persistently dripping. I stressfully went back up the basement steps & told Landon the news. We were super frustrated, because we had already paid $300.00, and now there seemed to be a secondary problem--the leak was coming from the overflow drain. Sigh! Landon thought it was going to take going through the walls to fix, but I thought it looked simple enough & that hopefully they would fix it for free since they should have caught that leak before. These plumbers charge $100.00 just for showing up. Anyway, I called the office & told them about the leak, and she said she'd send the plumber back our way by Tuesday morning.

Well, Landon and I put the stress of the leak behind us & I left to go downtown to do a little shopping for Father's Day, and Landon walked with Samuel to Zupan's down the hill to get some cookies for the Qualcomm crab fest we were invited to at Kristin's house. I got Landon a new shirt from Samuel for Father's Day, and gave it to him early so he could wear it, and he looked super sharp in it--mint green--great color on him! I bought myself a pair of white pants & a new shirt. Anyway, we went to the crab fest, and boy did Samuel have fun with all the kids that were there. He rolled around in the lush grass as freely as 16 month-old babies do, chased the older kids around the garden areas, and kept Landon and I on our toes the whole afternoon. It was so much fun, though. There was lots of great food & company. It was probably the most fun I've ever had at one of those get-togethers! It was great seeing Samuel have so much fun. He loved the dogs that were there, and couldn't get enough of that grass.

Did I tell you I wore white pants? White pants!! More crazy Karli behavior. Moms should never where white--especially from the waist down. I realized this as Samuel wiped his hands on my pants after eating black beans and white rice with his bare hands.

When we got home, Landon and I watched half of The Princess and the Warrior once Samuel was asleep, then called it a night. Slow movie & we were tired after such a long day!



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