June Book-Club, Poison Oak Worsens

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I did a fair amount of reading today, trying to finish Blink for tonight's book-club. I was so incredibly tired by the time Landon got home from work, that I didn't really feel like going, but it was nice to have a break away nonetheless. My poison oak is getting worse. Earlier today, I got some medicine for it at Fred Meyer, but so far, it has only helped with the itching, and it isn't getting any better--only worse.

Still loving our new house & neighborhood! Earlier today, Gay stopped by to look at the house, and we left for a short walk since she had her dogs Willie & Bessy with her. I ended up meeting another neighbor a few blocks away who was super nice & welcoming. He’s lived there for about 8 years. It’s nice to know so many people who live here do not move again. The turn-over rate in this neighborhood is very low. Most people who are homeowners live in those homes until they die, at which point one is lucky if they are able to purchase a house when they are available. We feel so lucky to have this house, and as it is now, I don’t know if we will ever move!

Today was 6/6/6--creepy!



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