House Plants Back Home

Saturday, June 03, 2006
We’re finally settled in enough that we decided to relax a bit today & go for a walk to explore our new neighborhood. Mike & Susan came by at about 8am this morning to drop off all my household plants that Susan has been babysitting for the past couple of years. We had insufficient light in our old house, but our new one has plenty of light, so I’m happy to have my plants home again. Susan saw our house for the first time & really liked it. They leave for Peru in just over a week! I’m so jealous! Later in the evening, I invited Sharla over for dinner & to see the new house. She stayed over until about 10:30pm. As she was leaving, it was pouring outside. The rain sounded peaceful on the roof, though, and I slept soundly until waking up to the sun in the morning.


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