Hot, hot, hot!

Monday, June 26, 2006

It hit 100 degrees today here in Portland. Our house was sooo hot, and when we weren't in our basement trying to cool off, we were at Fred Meyer enjoying free A/C. Also today, I ran to get some house plants from a woman in my book club that is moving out of state. In the morning, I walked down to Willamette Park with Heather & Logan. By the time we headed back, it was scorching hot! I think my face wasn't even beat red--it was purple!

I also tried out another book club tonight. It was okay--not sure if I'll stick with it, but I'll at least try it out one more time. We sat outside, and luckily, by about 8:30pm, it started to cool off. When I got home, I tossed & turned all night--it was sooo hot upstairs!


Anonymous said...

thanks for keep your blog up to date. i appreciate it. yeah, thanks.

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