Feeling Miserable

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My poison oak hurts really badly. Here is a picture of my finger, but it is also on my ear lobe, my chin & neck, my eyebrow, my stomach, up & down my left arm & wrist, and on my right upper arm. I went to the doctor today with Samuel in tow, and she took a sample to make sure it is not shingles, but in the meantime instructed me to take Benadryl, and gave me a prescription strength dose of cortizone cream. One reason she suspected it might be shingles (I don't think it is), is because of the nerve pain I've been having. Since I am pretty sure the plants are obvious in our yard, I have no doubt that it is poison oak, but better safe than sorry, I guess. The hardest thing through this has been to take care of Samuel. With it in between my fingers, even making him something to eat is painful.


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