Father's Day

Sunday, June 18, 2006
We've come a long way since last Father's Day when Samuel was 4 months old, and we attempted to celebrate with Landon quickly at Starbucks on our way down to McMinnville only to have Samuel have the biggest blowout of all times. He hadn't had a bowel movement for 10 days (normal for breastfed babies), and Starbucks was the place where he broke his 10 day record. It was all over. I mean, every receiving blanket & wet cloth was used up on that blowout. It was even in his hair. It shot up his back and out his onesie from every possible exit point. I never thought I'd get him clean again, and we couldn't very well put him in his carseat like that & drive home to give him a bath! They don't make those carseats easy to disassemble, and the padding has to lay out to dry.

Yes, we've come a long way--or have we? Yes, we have. I'd much rather put up with a temper tantrum than a blowout of the magnitude of that one last year.

Today we walked around in the Sellwood area. I browsed some antique stores, and Landon took Samuel to the park for awhile. We had lunch at Grand Central, and I gave Landon The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. We came home to rest (we were all tired), then cleaned out the basement a little, did some gardening, came inside & finished the movie from last night (still slow--didn't much like it). I called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day (we are celebrating with him Friday night), then read My Antonia for a long while, then went to sleep.



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