Does Anyone Out There Know JackS*it About Antique Tubs?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
For the love of God once again--the plumber shows up today, but doesn't know anything about a 1940 Crane tub, so replaced our antique lift waste/overflow drain with a basic shoe drain, which means I had to run to Fred Meyer to get a plug, because now there is no way we can plug the tub using the old system. The problem was the washer, but since he didn't have the tool to unscrew the shoe from the pipe, he had to cut the brass pipe from underneath and replace the old drain with the only drain he had that fit--one that takes a plug. So now our lift drain is in the closet, and we paid about 300.00 for this job, as well as for his 10 minutes he spent fixing the leak in the wax seal on our toilet (he unscrewed the toilet, replaced the wax seal, screwed the toilet back on). Sigh! I'm so annoyed the antique couldn't be restored. I've been looking online, but don't see parts readily available. Guess plumbers these days don't come well-equipped with parts to replace antique tubs--but, they should--or, at least have a way to order them!



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