Bike Ride

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today was an exciting day for us, because by 11am, we were down at The Bike Gallery downtown, and by 12:30pm, we were back home with a new Trek bike for myself, a Burley trailer for Samuel, and a helmet for both Samuel and myself. Landon's bike was still in top-shape, and he had a helmet, too. So, after an afternoon siesta, we braved the heat & the three of us went for a four hour bike ride! It was really fun. We rode along the S Waterfront to downtown, then to the Pearl, stopped at Pizza Schmizza for dinner, then headed home. We also stopped at Jamison Sq. so Samuel could play in the fountain, but he wasn't interested. The fountain at Waterfront Park scared him, because there were so many big kids being rough with the water. He got splashed lightly once, and totally freaked out, so watched from a bench from there on out. Anyway, we're hoping to go on lots of bike rides this summer, and it's exciting to see that Samuel adapted so quickly to his helmet & the trailer. He really liked it a lot, and was really excited to encounter a horse & buggy downtown. He had never seen a horse before, except on Baby Signing Time!

When I got home, I was red-faced & tired, but after a shower, I decided I was up for meeting my friend Jen on the e side. We had made tentative plans, but I wasn't sure I'd be up for it by the time I got home. We went to Taqueria Nueve, had some appetizers & a cocktail.

Today was a fun day!



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