Abnormal Behavior

Friday, June 16, 2006
My poison oak is nearly dried up, but the dermatitis that is still there continues to itch off & on. I have to be careful not to re-aggrevate it by scratching--I could get a new outbreak! So far, I seem to have avoided a fresh outbreak, so we must have killed whatever was out there. Unless, it wasn't even in our yard to begin with, and what I was exposed to came from someplace else. But, I'm certain what I saw in our yard WAS poison oak, so hopefully there will be no more outbreaks.

Anyway, I've been gardening a ton lately. It dawned on me last night that I could use the 50.00 in gift cards to Home Depot we received from our realtor to "thank us for trusting her with our real estate transactions" on plants! Home Depot has a terrific gardening center, and most of the time, their plants are priced lower than any other gardening center around! Anyway, Samuel & I drove to Home Depot & I got over $100.00 in plants, and only paid $50.00 out of pocket, as we had those gift cards. Then, I went to Grower's Garden--a gardening/florist shop nearby our house--to see if they had any of the plants that I couldn't seem to find at Home Depot. I got some lovely evergreen bushes & some shade house plants, a plant stand for my jade in the living room, and a few perennials (they were having a 25% off sale). By the way, the guy that helped me load my car at Home Depot said the plants I bought would never fit, but he was wrong--they fit! Samuel looked like he was drowning in foliage, but they fit! The guy looked at me and jokingly said, "What I'm worried about is that your son will grow up thinking this type of behavior is normal." What can I say? Samuel already thinks lots of crazy ways are normal--he has Karli for a Mom!



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