Goodbye June!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Samuel and I met the moms at Gabriel Park this morning, then headed to Washington Square to get a few things. After stopping home for more snacks/diaper change, we headed over to Laurelhurst to see April & her new baby, William Henry. Samuel was never a small as that! I think he is 7lbs, and he seems sooo tiny! Her oldest son, Olin, is the same age as Samuel. I can't imagine having a newborn right now! She's doing great, though!

I did some reading tonight--got 50 pages read of The Virgin's Knot--and, I like it okay, but it isn't my favorite so far. --Karli


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sarah & Ben came over today in the early afternoon, and after I showed Sarah the house, we walked the boys up to Fulton Park. They had lots of fun! In the evening, we went to the Tiana's (Landon's co-worker) for a summer flip-flop party. There was lots of good food there. Samuel must have gone down their slide about 40 times, and had fun playing with the other kids. Fun evening! Oddly enough, it even sprinkled--what's up with that in the midst of hot, summer weather??!!

Craigslist Outing

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Samuel and I went to see a jogger stroller posted on craigslist today, but it was in poor condition, so we didn't get it. Also, we went to A-boy two different times. I got some euphorbia (2) and planted them. Other than that, it was an ordinary day around the house, getting household chores done, and getting dinner ready, plants watered, and laundry done.

(this picture was from earlier in the year).

4th Anniversary

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Today was our 4th anniversary, and it was the most uneventful day in the history of wedding anniversaries, which made me feel really sad.

The highlight of today was taking Samuel to Thinker Toys this afternoon to pick out a toy. He loves it in there. It took some convincing to get him to leave the store with me. We ended up getting an Old McDonald tractor with animals. You can push the animals and they make sounds. It entertained him for a long while once we got home. We also stopped at Starbucks for a treat--rice krispie, iced mocha for me, and vanilla soy milk for Samuel. Samuel and I had a nice afternoon together.

I spent most of the evening potting indoor plants & keeping busy with household chores both indoors & out. --Karli

Hot, hot, hot!

Monday, June 26, 2006

It hit 100 degrees today here in Portland. Our house was sooo hot, and when we weren't in our basement trying to cool off, we were at Fred Meyer enjoying free A/C. Also today, I ran to get some house plants from a woman in my book club that is moving out of state. In the morning, I walked down to Willamette Park with Heather & Logan. By the time we headed back, it was scorching hot! I think my face wasn't even beat red--it was purple!

I also tried out another book club tonight. It was okay--not sure if I'll stick with it, but I'll at least try it out one more time. We sat outside, and luckily, by about 8:30pm, it started to cool off. When I got home, I tossed & turned all night--it was sooo hot upstairs!

Feeling the Heat

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today was so bloody hot that all I could do was sit around lethargically. The heat drained all my energy, so the idea we had yesterday of going on another bike ride today quickly disappated & we stayed home all day. About mid-day when it really started to get hot, I remembered that we have a nice cool basement, so we all three went down there & worked to organize it a little bit & escape the heat. It really helped! At another point, we went into our yard & let Samuel play with the house, which he loved. I think Samuel and I are the crankiest because of the heat, and Landon is taking it like a trooper. I sure miss AC, although it really only is useful about 8 to 10 weeks of the year. --Karli

Bike Ride

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today was an exciting day for us, because by 11am, we were down at The Bike Gallery downtown, and by 12:30pm, we were back home with a new Trek bike for myself, a Burley trailer for Samuel, and a helmet for both Samuel and myself. Landon's bike was still in top-shape, and he had a helmet, too. So, after an afternoon siesta, we braved the heat & the three of us went for a four hour bike ride! It was really fun. We rode along the S Waterfront to downtown, then to the Pearl, stopped at Pizza Schmizza for dinner, then headed home. We also stopped at Jamison Sq. so Samuel could play in the fountain, but he wasn't interested. The fountain at Waterfront Park scared him, because there were so many big kids being rough with the water. He got splashed lightly once, and totally freaked out, so watched from a bench from there on out. Anyway, we're hoping to go on lots of bike rides this summer, and it's exciting to see that Samuel adapted so quickly to his helmet & the trailer. He really liked it a lot, and was really excited to encounter a horse & buggy downtown. He had never seen a horse before, except on Baby Signing Time!

When I got home, I was red-faced & tired, but after a shower, I decided I was up for meeting my friend Jen on the e side. We had made tentative plans, but I wasn't sure I'd be up for it by the time I got home. We went to Taqueria Nueve, had some appetizers & a cocktail.

Today was a fun day!


Walk with Mom & Dad

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tonight my parents came up from McMinnville to see our new house & to go out to dinner. I suggested we go down the hill to The Corbett Fish House, since we've heard so many good things about that place. Neither Landon nor I had been there before, but we really liked it! My parents agreed to walk there, which surprised me. I was a little worried about my Dad coming back up the hill, but he seemed okay. I'm sure he was wiped by the time they got back to McMinnville, but we all had a good time, and it was a nice memory going on a walk. They both really liked our new neighborhood, and probably got a better feel for it since we walked to dinner. Oh, and Landon pulled Samuel in the wagon, which was pretty brave of him. Considering how steep Corbett is, a wagon isn't the easiest mode of transport to control! Samuel had a great time, though! --Karli

Out to Dinner

Thursday, June 22, 2006
My friend Amy & I went down to Fulton Pub this evening to hang out & catch up. Amy's daughter Alexandra is only 5 days younger than Samuel, and we were "belly buddies," as the phrase has been coined, a.k.a. "friends that e-mailed and called each other a lot during our pregnancies." I will say that it really helped going through pregnancy for the first time to have another friend who was in the same stage of pregnancy as I was.

Anyway, we had a great time, and I got the chance to show Amy our house & our neighborhood. Fulton Pub is in John's Landing, at the bottom of the hill off Corbett on Nebraska St. Their food (and beer) is great!



Wednesday, June 21, 2006
I feel like my body is telling me to slow down. I've been functioning at top-speed for many weeks now, and am currently feeling exceptionally tired. I took a nap with Samuel today, and even though it was an hour, I had to peel myself off the bed when he woke up.

So, as for the gardening, I've tapered off that.

I'm also happy to report that it looks like my skin came back normally from the horrible poison oak outbreak I had the first two weeks of June. No scars! I just need to figure out a way to clean my wedding rings that have the urushiol poison on them so I don't reinfect myself!


Secret Trail to Terwilliger

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Our location is sooo great! Just tonight we realized that Custer leads to a trail that takes you along I-5 and up to Terwilliger by steps! Now we're within easy walking distance to the Terwilliger neighborhood & Tryon Park. This is so fabulous. There is an excellent grocery store up there called Market of Choice that has a sushi bar, full deli, and a coffee bar. It's similar to Zupan's, only more expensive. There is Chez Jose, owned by our neighbor Tom across the street, a great little coffee shop called Papaccino's, a Starbucks, and other businesses. Plus, there are nice surrounding neighborhoods for walking. So, this is just one more great area we have easy access to (about a 10 minute walk).

When the S Waterfront is done, it will be about a mile's walk from our house, and a short bike ride. We are 10 minutes from the waterfront & Willamette Park, 2 minutes from Fulton Park & Community Center & Community Gardens. I could go on and on! I'm so thrilled to be here. The neighbors have all been so welcoming & friendly. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of sidewalks in a neighborhood--it is amazing what a difference they have made in our lives! The sidewalks really help facilitate neighbor-to-neighbor interaction. Every neighborhood should have them!

When we got home from our walk & dinner in the Terwilliger neighborhood (pizza slices & a chocolate chip cookie from Market of Choice), Samuel went straight to bed, as it was already 7:30pm, and I went outside and put in about 2 hours of gardening. I got the Spanish Lavendar & some more perennials in. I chopped down the fir tree (spindly little thing growing in front of the dining room window) & replaced it with a lilac tree. Did some watering. Met yet another wonderful neighbor named Hal and his two dogs. Received my 2nd compliment today and about 5th this week on the gardening I've been up to. Lots of people like the bench we put in. We're so damn lucky, too--the only neighbor that has been sort of a pill (lots of cars parked everywhere, not too friendly) listed his house yesterday. 399K is what he's asking. His house is smaller & much less attractive than ours. If he gets that, we'll already have about 65K in equity, and we've only been here two weeks. I knew this was a deal we couldn't pass up, and we even paid over asking. I was using my investor instinct when we bought this house, and it's already paying off. It doesn't matter what the equity is, though, because we plan to be here for a long time. This house & area will go up in value much quicker than other neighborhoods, though, which is yet one more reason I love being here!

Okay, my back hurts--I'm off to take a bath before bed to soothe these aching muscles from all the gardening I've been up to.



Monday, June 19, 2006
I forgot to mention that Samuel did indeed come down with that cold/cough on the third day. It's a bad one. Poor guy is so congested. He was up most of last night, and Landon and I slept apart, while I stayed up with him. I hate seeing Samuel sick--it is so sad, and he is so helpless. I'm glad we hadn't completely weaned him yet, and he was able to nurse a little last night. That always seems to make him feel better. I'm afraid that by the end of June, though, he will probably be completely weaned. He's not even really nursing at nap-times anymore. I'm trying to get him to learn to go down without nursing. He already does such a great job of going to sleep with Landon (he doesn't even cry or fuss one bit), so I want him to learn to do the same with me. If we can break him of nursing at nap-times & night-waking, then he'll be completely weaned. I've already gone from a 40DD to a 32DD, which is really weird, since I was always a 36C before--maybe I'll get that C cup back when he's completely weaned. I've heard your breasts get smaller than pre-pregnancy/nursing once you wean.

More gardening today--I have all those plants I bought on Friday to get into the ground before they wilt & die. Most of the time you buy plants at the nursery they are completely root-bound, so they don't have the ability to survive more than a few more days in those pots. So, I'm plugging away at it.

My goal is to have Samuel weaned by July 1st! I hope we'll be there by then!

Father's Day

Sunday, June 18, 2006
We've come a long way since last Father's Day when Samuel was 4 months old, and we attempted to celebrate with Landon quickly at Starbucks on our way down to McMinnville only to have Samuel have the biggest blowout of all times. He hadn't had a bowel movement for 10 days (normal for breastfed babies), and Starbucks was the place where he broke his 10 day record. It was all over. I mean, every receiving blanket & wet cloth was used up on that blowout. It was even in his hair. It shot up his back and out his onesie from every possible exit point. I never thought I'd get him clean again, and we couldn't very well put him in his carseat like that & drive home to give him a bath! They don't make those carseats easy to disassemble, and the padding has to lay out to dry.

Yes, we've come a long way--or have we? Yes, we have. I'd much rather put up with a temper tantrum than a blowout of the magnitude of that one last year.

Today we walked around in the Sellwood area. I browsed some antique stores, and Landon took Samuel to the park for awhile. We had lunch at Grand Central, and I gave Landon The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. We came home to rest (we were all tired), then cleaned out the basement a little, did some gardening, came inside & finished the movie from last night (still slow--didn't much like it). I called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day (we are celebrating with him Friday night), then read My Antonia for a long while, then went to sleep.


Plumbing Saga Continues

Saturday, June 17, 2006
So, as Landon was taking a shower this morning, I ventured down to the basement to really be sure that the leaks of last week were taken care of. Sure enough, they weren't. The toilet leak seemed to be okay, but the leaking near the tub was still persistently dripping. I stressfully went back up the basement steps & told Landon the news. We were super frustrated, because we had already paid $300.00, and now there seemed to be a secondary problem--the leak was coming from the overflow drain. Sigh! Landon thought it was going to take going through the walls to fix, but I thought it looked simple enough & that hopefully they would fix it for free since they should have caught that leak before. These plumbers charge $100.00 just for showing up. Anyway, I called the office & told them about the leak, and she said she'd send the plumber back our way by Tuesday morning.

Well, Landon and I put the stress of the leak behind us & I left to go downtown to do a little shopping for Father's Day, and Landon walked with Samuel to Zupan's down the hill to get some cookies for the Qualcomm crab fest we were invited to at Kristin's house. I got Landon a new shirt from Samuel for Father's Day, and gave it to him early so he could wear it, and he looked super sharp in it--mint green--great color on him! I bought myself a pair of white pants & a new shirt. Anyway, we went to the crab fest, and boy did Samuel have fun with all the kids that were there. He rolled around in the lush grass as freely as 16 month-old babies do, chased the older kids around the garden areas, and kept Landon and I on our toes the whole afternoon. It was so much fun, though. There was lots of great food & company. It was probably the most fun I've ever had at one of those get-togethers! It was great seeing Samuel have so much fun. He loved the dogs that were there, and couldn't get enough of that grass.

Did I tell you I wore white pants? White pants!! More crazy Karli behavior. Moms should never where white--especially from the waist down. I realized this as Samuel wiped his hands on my pants after eating black beans and white rice with his bare hands.

When we got home, Landon and I watched half of The Princess and the Warrior once Samuel was asleep, then called it a night. Slow movie & we were tired after such a long day!


Abnormal Behavior

Friday, June 16, 2006
My poison oak is nearly dried up, but the dermatitis that is still there continues to itch off & on. I have to be careful not to re-aggrevate it by scratching--I could get a new outbreak! So far, I seem to have avoided a fresh outbreak, so we must have killed whatever was out there. Unless, it wasn't even in our yard to begin with, and what I was exposed to came from someplace else. But, I'm certain what I saw in our yard WAS poison oak, so hopefully there will be no more outbreaks.

Anyway, I've been gardening a ton lately. It dawned on me last night that I could use the 50.00 in gift cards to Home Depot we received from our realtor to "thank us for trusting her with our real estate transactions" on plants! Home Depot has a terrific gardening center, and most of the time, their plants are priced lower than any other gardening center around! Anyway, Samuel & I drove to Home Depot & I got over $100.00 in plants, and only paid $50.00 out of pocket, as we had those gift cards. Then, I went to Grower's Garden--a gardening/florist shop nearby our house--to see if they had any of the plants that I couldn't seem to find at Home Depot. I got some lovely evergreen bushes & some shade house plants, a plant stand for my jade in the living room, and a few perennials (they were having a 25% off sale). By the way, the guy that helped me load my car at Home Depot said the plants I bought would never fit, but he was wrong--they fit! Samuel looked like he was drowning in foliage, but they fit! The guy looked at me and jokingly said, "What I'm worried about is that your son will grow up thinking this type of behavior is normal." What can I say? Samuel already thinks lots of crazy ways are normal--he has Karli for a Mom!


Going to Playgroup = Samuel Gets Sick

Thursday, June 15, 2006
Yesterday afternoon, after the plumber left, Samuel & I went to playgroup for the first time in about 3 1/2 months. Two of the babies had runny noses, and Samuel probably touched about every toy in the playroom. I don't want to be pessimistic, but guaranteed he will have a cold or the flu in three days. Typically, that's the amount of time his colds seem to take before they manifest. Here's to day one--two days left before I face a few sleepless nights in a row!

And, June 15th! Holy cow! We've been here more than 2 weeks, and where has the time gone??


Does Anyone Out There Know JackS*it About Antique Tubs?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
For the love of God once again--the plumber shows up today, but doesn't know anything about a 1940 Crane tub, so replaced our antique lift waste/overflow drain with a basic shoe drain, which means I had to run to Fred Meyer to get a plug, because now there is no way we can plug the tub using the old system. The problem was the washer, but since he didn't have the tool to unscrew the shoe from the pipe, he had to cut the brass pipe from underneath and replace the old drain with the only drain he had that fit--one that takes a plug. So now our lift drain is in the closet, and we paid about 300.00 for this job, as well as for his 10 minutes he spent fixing the leak in the wax seal on our toilet (he unscrewed the toilet, replaced the wax seal, screwed the toilet back on). Sigh! I'm so annoyed the antique couldn't be restored. I've been looking online, but don't see parts readily available. Guess plumbers these days don't come well-equipped with parts to replace antique tubs--but, they should--or, at least have a way to order them!


The Plumber Didn't Try Hard Enough

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Okay, what's up with the plumber calling to say he's on his way, only to call while I'm laying Samuel down, get no response, hang-up, not call back, then when I call back I'm told he tried calling with no-answer, so did not come. HELLO! Did I not tell them the day before when I booked the appointment that if they did not get through on the land-line to call on my cell, and that I would be home all day, so to come anytime between 10 and 12pm? For the love of God, dealing with contractors is just a little frustrating. Now, he's coming tomorrow, which means I get to wait around tomorrow morning, too (and hope they don't call while I'm laying Samuel down for his nap)!



Monday, June 12, 2006

I was really drowsy today from the Benedryl I took for my poison oak. It did help with the itching, though! After dinner, I ran to Fred Meyer to get a few more ground covers to go in front of the bench. Did some reading, then fell asleep once the Benedryl kicked in. --KK

New Home for our Stone Bench

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here is a picture of our bench project, which we successfully accomplished this weekend! We wanted it to be near the sidewalk for passerbys, and also for a visual & welcoming feature for the house. We placed lots of our sedums & ground cover around it, and once they are established, it will be really nice!

Mike & Susan leave for Peru tomorrow--good luck & safe travels--have lots of fun for all of us here at home! --Karli

Dermatitis Extraordinaire!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Here is the latest updated photo of my poison oak--isn't it lovely? I don't know how much I'm going to be able to do this weekend, but if I'm feeling up to it, I would like to make some headway with the yard. --Karli

Urushiol: Japanese Word for Oils in Poison Oak, Ivy, & Sumac Plants

Friday, June 09, 2006

My poison oak is starting to slightly dry up on my ring finger, although the places that spread the last couple of days are still pretty flared up. I was so irritated with the plants, and annoyed that they were thriving in what is supposed to be my new garden that I donned coverings over all exposed skin surfaces & went out to fill up two recycling bins full of poison oak, Oregon grapes, and some other random weeds. There are some nasty weeds out there. Lots of blackberry starters too. I worked pretty hard for 30 minutes (Samuel was sleeping), then pulled a muscle in my chest/upper arm and had to stop. I used plastic bags to remove my clothing & threw away my gloves & shoes (I used super old ones). The doctor that saw me in the UR said that shoes have to be thrown away most of the time, because the oils can stay in the soles for up to two years. Anyway, I was going to get rid of that pair anyway. I put my clothes on a 2 hour sanitary cycle, and ran upstairs from the basement and scrubbed myself from head to toe with ivy scrub, meant to remove any oils that might be on one's skin. Plain old soap & water doesn't work--you need something with granuals in it that can scrub the oils from your pores. Within 5 minutes the Urushiol poison sinks into your skin & starts to have an allergic reaction. Basically, your immune system instantly starts working to shed the skin that was contaminated, causing the skin to flare up 1000 times more than a mosquito bite (I got this info from an article online). Anyway, I'd agree with the 1000x bit--it hurts like hell! I'm hoping I'm getting better at this point, and don't experience any more outbreaks.

For more info on poison oak & ivy, please see this link. --Karli

Feeling Miserable

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My poison oak hurts really badly. Here is a picture of my finger, but it is also on my ear lobe, my chin & neck, my eyebrow, my stomach, up & down my left arm & wrist, and on my right upper arm. I went to the doctor today with Samuel in tow, and she took a sample to make sure it is not shingles, but in the meantime instructed me to take Benadryl, and gave me a prescription strength dose of cortizone cream. One reason she suspected it might be shingles (I don't think it is), is because of the nerve pain I've been having. Since I am pretty sure the plants are obvious in our yard, I have no doubt that it is poison oak, but better safe than sorry, I guess. The hardest thing through this has been to take care of Samuel. With it in between my fingers, even making him something to eat is painful.

Suffering from Poison Oak

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am suffering from a bad case of poison oak. This stuff is nasty. I used to get it all the time as a child, but we lived in the country--I didn't know it grew in the city, too! Unfortunately, I have it in between my fingers, which is very painful & irritating to the infected bubbles of pus. I also have rashes on my ear lobe, chin, neck, forearm, and stomach. Apparently, the poison from this plant is so toxic (85 % of the population is allergic to it) that it only takes the amount of poison to cover the tip of a ballpoint pen to infect 500 people. I got a special scrub to remove any traces of poison that may be underneath my nails or on my skin surface so that I reduce the chance of spreading it further, but so far it hasn't seemed to help much--it's still spreading & inflamed.

Now, it looks like I've transferred it to Samuel--he is breaking out on his stomach & thigh. Probably happened changing his diaper. My doctor was absolutely NO help today. All I need is a steroid cream, and you'd think they could do that over the phone, but no--they wanted me to be seen. Maybe I can get Samuel's pediatrician to prescribe some cream to dry it up tomorrow w/out having to be seen.


June Book-Club, Poison Oak Worsens

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I did a fair amount of reading today, trying to finish Blink for tonight's book-club. I was so incredibly tired by the time Landon got home from work, that I didn't really feel like going, but it was nice to have a break away nonetheless. My poison oak is getting worse. Earlier today, I got some medicine for it at Fred Meyer, but so far, it has only helped with the itching, and it isn't getting any better--only worse.

Still loving our new house & neighborhood! Earlier today, Gay stopped by to look at the house, and we left for a short walk since she had her dogs Willie & Bessy with her. I ended up meeting another neighbor a few blocks away who was super nice & welcoming. He’s lived there for about 8 years. It’s nice to know so many people who live here do not move again. The turn-over rate in this neighborhood is very low. Most people who are homeowners live in those homes until they die, at which point one is lucky if they are able to purchase a house when they are available. We feel so lucky to have this house, and as it is now, I don’t know if we will ever move!

Today was 6/6/6--creepy!


Weed Pulling leads to Poison Oak

Monday, June 05, 2006
Spent today further organizing & cleaning up around here from the weekend. Samuel & I ran up to Fred Meyer for a few items. Samuel seems to have adjusted pretty well to our new house, and runs around playing with Tupperware & his toys. His latest activity is picking off leaves from my Jade plant & putting them in a measuring cup. I’m in the process of teaching him to be gentle with plants, but he still manages to get some leaves nonetheless. Looks like I might be getting a case of poison oak…must be from pulling weeds in our new yard. I woke up with my wedding ring tight & the skin around it red & inflamed. I pulled the ring off, and looks like it’s poison oak, but I’m not totally sure yet.

Pleasant Walk

Sunday, June 04, 2006
The weather was nice today, so Landon and I walked down to Willamette Park, stopping at Zupan’s on the way for olives & Focaccia bread. It was a nice walk, and when we got back, Tracy & Mike stopped by to see the new house. Later in the evening, my friends Matt & Jen stopped by with their boys Dylan & Nicholas. It was nice to finally be able to show the house to some friends/family. I wanted my parents to come up today, but my Dad hasn’t been feeling too well, so maybe next week or next weekend they’ll be able to come up to see our new place. I need to have an open-house party, but I’m so tired from the move that I don’t know when I’ll feel up to it.

House Plants Back Home

Saturday, June 03, 2006
We’re finally settled in enough that we decided to relax a bit today & go for a walk to explore our new neighborhood. Mike & Susan came by at about 8am this morning to drop off all my household plants that Susan has been babysitting for the past couple of years. We had insufficient light in our old house, but our new one has plenty of light, so I’m happy to have my plants home again. Susan saw our house for the first time & really liked it. They leave for Peru in just over a week! I’m so jealous! Later in the evening, I invited Sharla over for dinner & to see the new house. She stayed over until about 10:30pm. As she was leaving, it was pouring outside. The rain sounded peaceful on the roof, though, and I slept soundly until waking up to the sun in the morning.

Wrapping up the Move

Friday, June 02, 2006
Friday—last day of heavy labor. Most everything is now in place (although everything is subject to being moved again). It is hard to know where all the right places are when you first move in. I’m sure we’ll rearrange the furniture several times. I like to do that anyway to have a change of atmosphere every once in a while. By the end of today, both Landon and I were so incredibly tired. When we think about how much work we’ve accomplished in just a few days (moving out & moving in), it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why we are so tired. Fortunately, there is a cure for that—sleep & relaxation! We’re hoping this weekend will bring a little of both. –Karli

Moving In

Thursday, June 01, 2006
Mike came over at about 8am this morning, and he & Landon somehow managed to unload the entire pod by about 2 or 3pm. The U-Haul was returned, the pod has been scheduled for pick-up, and the unpacking begins. Samuel actually slept for about 4 hours today, so that gave me lots of free time to unpack the kitchen. My back is really starting to hurt, so I’m glad the heavy lifting is coming to an end. Still lots of books to unpack tomorrow, but most of the heavy stuff has been lifted to the room in which it needs to be unpacked. We’re getting there! --Karli
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