Viewings Pick Up, Still Waiting for an Offer

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wow, it's really picking up. We've had several people call to come see the house this week. In fact, that was a realtor just now calling to see the house first thing tomorrow morning (9:30am). Then, a woman who I took through the house when she pulled into our driveway on Tuesday called on Wednesday very interested & wants to come back for a 2nd viewing with her husband tomorrow morning at 11:30, and she is using our realtor. I'm excited. So, I plan to get up super early & sweep off the deck (the wind is blowing as another storm rollls in, littering the deck & roof with twigs from the oak trees).

We got a notice in the mail that the property next door is subdividing into 5 properties. Yikes! Now, we have to disclose this to the buyers of our property. I'm really worried about a super old oak tree on his property that I would be sick about if he has it pulled down for development. So, I plan to write a letter to the city about that at the very least if not more. Of course, I have to agree with our backyard neighbor--building up is always better than building out. Rather see urban development than farmland give way to 4000 sq. ft. suburban homes.

By the way, aren't these built in bookcases so nice!? This is a partial picture of what will be Samuel's new room at the new house--which, by the way, we close on in less than 3 weeks--YIKES!



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