Talk of an Offer

Sunday, May 07, 2006

All morning went by slowly with no calls & no one even stopped by to pick up fliers on our property. Finally, we got ready & went grocery shopping. We had just loaded up the car to head home from getting groceries when our realtor called & said someone was sitting in front of our house & wanted to see it. We rushed home, and it was a young guy in his early thirties with his girlfriend, and he wanted to go through the house. We showed him the house & property, and he said he thought he wanted to make an offer, but he wanted to meet with his realtor to go over comp reports first. So, we headed to Damien & Laurie's to bring them the Diaper Dekor that he left at work, and to see baby Isabelle again. We also wanted to keep our minds off the anticipation of whether or not an offer would come in this evening. Well, it is now a quarter to 8pm, and no offer yet. A realtor did call around 6pm, though, and wants to show our house tomorrow at 2:30pm. We'll see what tomorrow holds--I hope good things. Karli


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