Patiently Waiting

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just when I was thinking that nothing was happening,something happened. Celia e-mailed me early this afternoon to say that the woman I took through our house yesterday (someone who had stopped by) had called their office very interested & wants to take her partner through on Friday. Then, a few minutes after that, the realtor of the guy who had stopped by over the weekend wanting to make an offer called Celia wanting comp reports, saying her client was very interested. So, we now have two people who are very interested. Now, we are back to waiting. Hope the next couple of days bring an offer (or two) to the table.

Oh, and before I forget, I was laying on our futon with Samuel nursing him later this afternoon when a realtor's head popped up in the living-room window. He knocked on the window & waved, and I got up in a big hurry. Can we say invasion of privacy! Well, apparently, he had tried calling, but had written down the wrong number, so he was there with his client & wanted to see the property. Luckily, our house is always ready for a viewing, so that wasn't an issue. Samuel and I waited in the front yard while the realtor took his client through. She is looking for a rental property. I'm not sure if she was seriously interested. It is hard to read people when they have their poker face on.



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