Home Inspection

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Whew! Okay, the inspection on our house was completed this morning. It took about three hours (I know, because I came back after 2 1/2 hours, and they were still here, but gone by 3 hours).

Now, I'm home & waiting to hear back on whether or not they will request us to make any repairs or have any appliances serviced. They have the right to ask us to do anything they want--reside the house, reroof the house, repaint the house--but, we can also decline on any request as well. If we think the request is reasonable, and something we may not have known about the house, we may offer a credit instead of hire the work ourselves, since we close in just 12 days--8 business days! Yikes!

I'm so glad the inspection is complete--and, will be relieved once we get their addendum, that is, if they send one. Wouldn't that be great if they had no requests!?

I need to get back to packing...Karli


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