Closing Day

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
The sale of our house became final just after 3pm, and we got the keys to our new place at 4pm. By about 3pm, our Pasadena house had been completely emptied into both the U-Haul, our cars, and the pod. We had given the house a thorough cleaning (even steam-cleaned the carpets), and it was time to say goodbye. It was a rough 20 minutes. We had to lock ourselves out of the house we had put so much love & care into, leaving the keys on the fireplace mantle that Landon had painted & remounted when he trimmed the living room. We felt really homesick & sad leaving all our work & plants behind. Both of us in tears, we slowly drove away. I, of course, stopped at Starbucks on my way to get the keys to our new house, attempting to cheer myself up the only way I know how—with an iced coffee beverage. When we got to our new house, we sat outside waiting for Celia & the keys to our new place. During this hour, it felt like we were homeless, with everything we owned in 4 vehicles, and having abandoned/sold our Pasadena house, yet not quite in a place where the View Point house felt like home. When Celia got there, we realized the lockbox had been removed, so it took another hour before we got the keys. We were able to meet our seller, though, which was a pleasant & informative experience. His realtor had failed to call our realtor to let us know that he would provide the keys after closing, and that the lockbox had been removed to prevent others from coming through the house. Once we got the keys & our realtor & seller had left, it was a matter of trying to get enough in the house so we could spend the night. The first thing we carried in was Samuel’s new mattress & bedding, and laid him down for a nap, then we set to work getting our necessities in place. By the time we went to bed, it was after midnight, and we were both so tired. Landon fell asleep right away, but I tossed & turned all night. Sleeping in a new house kept me awake. I know this house was meant to be for us, and we’re going to love it so much more than our Pasadena house, but it takes time for a house to become a home. I’m hoping it will feel more like home when get more of our stuff unloaded. Then, as we start making memories in this house, it will feel even moreso like home. This neighborhood and the house is so incredible, though, that I know it won’t take long for the residual sadness upon leaving Pasadena to pass and give way to the excitement we are already feeling about this tremendous upgrade.


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