Birthday Celebration

Monday, May 29, 2006
Memorial Day! Landon and I went to McMinnville today to celebrate Robby’s 21st birthday with family & Robby’s friends. My parents’ yard looked great as usual, and my Mom’s hostas are huge & lush. Not one leaf has been touched by a slug/snail, which is so surprising, since my hostas are full of little holes, despite the bait I put out every year. Samuel had a great time running around, and had everyone laughing with his signs, especially his sign for ‘poop.’ There was tons of food, and lots of dessert. I was so full by the time we left! Luckily, traffic wasn’t too bad on the way home. I thought it would take a lot of time to get through Dundee with the holiday traffic returning from the coast, but needless to say, we were home within an hour. Tomorrow, we will load most everything up, and Wednesday we move into our new place. I’m excited!


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