Closing Day

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
The sale of our house became final just after 3pm, and we got the keys to our new place at 4pm. By about 3pm, our Pasadena house had been completely emptied into both the U-Haul, our cars, and the pod. We had given the house a thorough cleaning (even steam-cleaned the carpets), and it was time to say goodbye. It was a rough 20 minutes. We had to lock ourselves out of the house we had put so much love & care into, leaving the keys on the fireplace mantle that Landon had painted & remounted when he trimmed the living room. We felt really homesick & sad leaving all our work & plants behind. Both of us in tears, we slowly drove away. I, of course, stopped at Starbucks on my way to get the keys to our new house, attempting to cheer myself up the only way I know how—with an iced coffee beverage. When we got to our new house, we sat outside waiting for Celia & the keys to our new place. During this hour, it felt like we were homeless, with everything we owned in 4 vehicles, and having abandoned/sold our Pasadena house, yet not quite in a place where the View Point house felt like home. When Celia got there, we realized the lockbox had been removed, so it took another hour before we got the keys. We were able to meet our seller, though, which was a pleasant & informative experience. His realtor had failed to call our realtor to let us know that he would provide the keys after closing, and that the lockbox had been removed to prevent others from coming through the house. Once we got the keys & our realtor & seller had left, it was a matter of trying to get enough in the house so we could spend the night. The first thing we carried in was Samuel’s new mattress & bedding, and laid him down for a nap, then we set to work getting our necessities in place. By the time we went to bed, it was after midnight, and we were both so tired. Landon fell asleep right away, but I tossed & turned all night. Sleeping in a new house kept me awake. I know this house was meant to be for us, and we’re going to love it so much more than our Pasadena house, but it takes time for a house to become a home. I’m hoping it will feel more like home when get more of our stuff unloaded. Then, as we start making memories in this house, it will feel even moreso like home. This neighborhood and the house is so incredible, though, that I know it won’t take long for the residual sadness upon leaving Pasadena to pass and give way to the excitement we are already feeling about this tremendous upgrade.

Ready to Move

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Lots of packing today! Landon is off all week, and we worked all day to get as much as possible except necessities we need for the night loaded into the U-Haul & the pod. It was a long day, but we are both excited & functioning on that & adrenaline to get us through this. We’re starting to feel a little sad that tonight is our last night in this house, but we’re both ready to move on at the same time. I can’t help but wonder what Samuel thinks of all the boxes & empty rooms…

Happy 21st birthday, Robby!

Birthday Celebration

Monday, May 29, 2006
Memorial Day! Landon and I went to McMinnville today to celebrate Robby’s 21st birthday with family & Robby’s friends. My parents’ yard looked great as usual, and my Mom’s hostas are huge & lush. Not one leaf has been touched by a slug/snail, which is so surprising, since my hostas are full of little holes, despite the bait I put out every year. Samuel had a great time running around, and had everyone laughing with his signs, especially his sign for ‘poop.’ There was tons of food, and lots of dessert. I was so full by the time we left! Luckily, traffic wasn’t too bad on the way home. I thought it would take a lot of time to get through Dundee with the holiday traffic returning from the coast, but needless to say, we were home within an hour. Tomorrow, we will load most everything up, and Wednesday we move into our new place. I’m excited!

Loading the Heavy Items

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mike came over early this morning to help Landon move the heavy items, which included the red recliner, the stone garden bench, the washer & dryer, and the fish aquarium. Thanks to Damien for loaning us his hand-truck. Makes it sooo much easier!

Mike & Susan will be keeping the aquarium at their house all week until we can bring it over to the new house. Since the tropical fish need a constant temperature, we very well couldn't pack them up in the pod for a couple of days!

So, the house is emptying out, and we don't have much to do at this point except load up our necessities. I'm getting ready to say goodbye to our first house. It's time to move on...

Serious Packing & Loading Begins

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Landon and I spent all day packing boxes & loading the pod. Landon finished emptying the Tuff Shed, and I worked inside packing up the kitchen. We really only have today & tomorrow, as Monday we'll be in McMinnville for Robby's 21st birthday, and Tuesday Landon is planning on working, then we'll finish loading up the house Tuesday night, hopefully getting the keys early in the day on Wednesday. Although, I'm not counting on this--in reality, we probably won't get the keys until late Wednesday. --Karli

Gearing up for the Big Move

Friday, May 26, 2006

I thought we'd start seriously packing today, but Landon and I were so tired that we decided to wait until tomorrow. It's good that we're taking some time out to rest, because the upcoming week will take a lot of energy & hard work! --Karli

Taking a Breather

Thursday, May 25, 2006

We took it easy the past few days (which was nice, considering how stressful the past month has been), but the serious packing will start tomorrow & last through the weekend! --Karli

More About John's Landing

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Info taken from

B.P. John Furniture - The plant was located on the east side of SW Macadam across from the current John's Landing. John's Landing was named for B. P. John and was the "landing" where the logs for the factory were dropped. B.P. John was originally a vice president at Doernbecher Furniture before starting his own business.
A book has been written by Kathryn Hurd on the life of B.P. John titled ?Bruno Paul John: An Oregon Legacy?. B.P. John was a German immigrant furniture manufacturing entrepreneur. Many Germans from Russia worked at the B.P. John
furniture manufacturing plant on Macadam Avenue in southwest Portland (now known as the John?s Landing area) or purchased homes from him in NE Portland.

Sale pending sign is up! We sign papers Friday morning!

A Little Bit about John's Landing

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here is a little bit of info I found online about our new neighborhood:

John's Landing is an older but solid neighborhood adjacent to the Willamette River in Southwest Portland. It is close to the central city and offers good public transportation. Access to the river and terrific views are among this neighborhoods attributes. It is the home of numerous condos that are located near and on the banks of the Willamette River. The development of the adjacent South Waterfront district will add to the vitality of the John's Landing area.

Oh, and aren't the peonies from our garden beautiful (soon to be someone else's garden)?


Monday, May 22, 2006

Our loan is in underwriting, and it is the countdown until closing! Packing continues. Turns out our gutter was not disconnected--just clogged. So, I got up on a ladder & unplugged the clogged gutter, and it is now functioning normally. Samuel is just about better. I'm making broccoli for lunch. Nothing out of the ordinary (isn't that nice for a change?). --Karli

Our Stress Fades Away

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today was a stress-free day. Yesterday afternoon, I had carried about 20 of our 30 pots to the driveway next to the pod for loading when the time comes. Landon spent that time packing up the Tuff Shed. Today, Landon leisurely carried the remaining 10, while I read People magazine & held Samuel a lot. He came down with a fever in the middle of the night last night, and it has carried into today. He has no other symptoms except the fever & lethargy. He also slept four extra hours today than usual. I spent the afternoon away from home at the salon getting a cut/color, which I really needed! I'm happy with the results, and liked the guy that worked on my hair. He didn't talk too much. I don't care much for overly chatty stylists or dental hygenists. Especially when they actually stop what they are doing to talk for minutes at a time. It's like, can you clean my teeth already!?? Anyway, back to today--it's SO nice to have the relief from all the stress of late. Oh, and tonight we had thunder & lightning, and discovered one of the downspouts came loose, and water was gushing out onto our siding. I'll have to put in a call to NW Gutters, who recently replaced our gutters. We practically had a flash flood there was so much water falling from the sky after the thunderstorm. I haven't seen it rain that hard in a long, long time. --Karli

Big News: Inspection Approved

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I was really tired when I woke up this morning, having slept very little last night, and what sleep I did have led to nightmarish dreams about buyers backing out of deals & horrendous inspection results. When I woke up, I made coffee from our French Press, and drank it as slow as possible, trying to kill time while sitting on the futon waiting for a call from our realtor. Finally, I decided to forget about the phone call and get in the shower to try to relax & get ready for the day. Well, lo & behold, as I was in the shower, a call came in on my cell, which I didn't hear, but Landon answered it. One minute I was shampooing my hair, the next minute, Landon came into the bathroom with the biggest smile on his face. He said he knew something I didn't, and of course, I frantically told him he had to tell me at once. He told me Celia had just called, and the buyers are making no requests for repairs, and have signed an approval to the inspection. What a relief! I couldn't have imagined better buyers for our unique situation if I had tried. This really was meant to be!

So, now that the stressful period of buying/selling is officially over, we can now be 100% excited & focus on packing & moving. As our realtor e-mailed me, "We are now home-free, no pun intended."

The Inspection Period

Friday, May 19, 2006

We waited all day today for a response from our buyers to the inspection on our house. They had until midnight tonight to respond. My mind raced to worst possible scenarios, such as the possibility that they could be backing out or that they were in the process of putting together a long list of expensive repairs. I finally called our realtor at 6:45, and she said she had talked to the realtor, and they were in the process of responding, and would be faxing to her by midnight. She said she was on her way to a play, but that if she wasn't too exhausted when she got home that she would e-mail me to let me know what their response was, and that if we didn't hear from her by e-mail that she would call us first thing in the morning. So, I hung up the phone in stress & returned to the futon to nervously wait for her e-mail, which never came, so I anxiously went to bed, but slept very little.

Home Inspection

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Whew! Okay, the inspection on our house was completed this morning. It took about three hours (I know, because I came back after 2 1/2 hours, and they were still here, but gone by 3 hours).

Now, I'm home & waiting to hear back on whether or not they will request us to make any repairs or have any appliances serviced. They have the right to ask us to do anything they want--reside the house, reroof the house, repaint the house--but, we can also decline on any request as well. If we think the request is reasonable, and something we may not have known about the house, we may offer a credit instead of hire the work ourselves, since we close in just 12 days--8 business days! Yikes!

I'm so glad the inspection is complete--and, will be relieved once we get their addendum, that is, if they send one. Wouldn't that be great if they had no requests!?

I need to get back to packing...Karli

Preparing for the Inspection on Pasadena

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Cleaning, mowing, edging, scrubbing...preparing for our inspection tomorrow on this house. I'll be glad when we are past it. I am sensing my stress levels rising again. --Karli

Have You Cleaned the Air Filter in your Furnace Lately?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If you haven't cleaned the air filter in your furnace lately, do so! Our a/c stopped working yesterday, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I called an HVAC person to come out and have our furnace & heat pump serviced. Turns out, our air filter was so clogged that you couldn't see through it, which is why the vents had no pressure at all. During the winter, the electric coils were coming on because of the clogged filter, which explains why our electric bill was obscenely high all winter. We never noticed it wasn't working then, because the coils made up the difference. But, now that the weather is getting so hot, the a/c was becoming a necessity--yes, necessity--and to my dismay yesterday, it wasn't working. Now I know how to clean an air filter, so it will be something I will do every 3 months on my own, and save myself that service call fee. I'm glad we had the system serviced, however, because our new buyers would have most likely requested that at inspection anyway. Other than the air filter, the system looked great! --Karli

Hotter than Hell

Monday, May 15, 2006

It was super hot today! Our a/c stopped working, so it was 84 degrees in our house. Miserable! I'm trying to get an HVAC person in to service our heat pump. In the meantime, it's going to be hot all week!

Our pod is here, and we've started loading it.

The picture above shows a garage/shop that borders our driveway. The plans for the subdivision next door show that it is going to be turned into a single family house with an attached garage.


Life is Good

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm so excited that our house is sold & we will be moving in two weeks. The pod will be delivered early tomorrow morning, and the fun of packing begins. Today is Mother's Day, and Landon (and Samuel) got me some cream & bath gel from The Body Shop.

Here is a picture of our dining room table today. Lots of business cards from all the realtors that came by with clients. Landon creatively arranged them in the shape of a house--just in time for our buyers to come by with their parents for a third viewing. They are as excited as we were when we bought the house. Oh, the joys of being a first time home buyer. I have to say, it's almost as exciting the second time around! Just in different ways...

Accepted Counter-Offer!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Our counter-offer was accepted today, but since our house is still listed as active on the RMLS, we had many more viewings today. There was a flurry of activity, oddly enough, and we had multiple viewings, and there were even two back-up offers in the works. By the end of the day, though, both parties changed their mind, so no back-up offers, but one great accepted offer, and we close in just over 2 weeks! The pod was ordered today, so the next two weeks will entail lots of hard work--packing, then transporting boxes & furniture to the pod. Whew! It will be a busy couple of weeks, but it will be so worth it in the end! We are really excited!

This evening, I met my family at The Olive Garden on Kruse Way for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day, Mom (and sisters Kristi & Shelly)! Landon stayed at home with Samuel, except for an excursion to Washington Square to pick me up a Mother's Day present. We will probably spend time tomorrow at Willamette Park in our new neighborhood to celebrate Mother's Day & save money for the move.

Full-Price Offer

Friday, May 12, 2006

We are so excited! Buyers want to close as soon as possible, and we are negotiating a close-date to match up with the close-date on the new house--May 30th. We have a couple of weeks to get things packed up and get through the inspection on this house before closing. We're looking into getting a pod to make the move go a little more smoothly for us. We received such a great offer just in time for the weekend & Mother's Day. We are really happy & looking forward to the big move!

Viewings Pick Up, Still Waiting for an Offer

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wow, it's really picking up. We've had several people call to come see the house this week. In fact, that was a realtor just now calling to see the house first thing tomorrow morning (9:30am). Then, a woman who I took through the house when she pulled into our driveway on Tuesday called on Wednesday very interested & wants to come back for a 2nd viewing with her husband tomorrow morning at 11:30, and she is using our realtor. I'm excited. So, I plan to get up super early & sweep off the deck (the wind is blowing as another storm rollls in, littering the deck & roof with twigs from the oak trees).

We got a notice in the mail that the property next door is subdividing into 5 properties. Yikes! Now, we have to disclose this to the buyers of our property. I'm really worried about a super old oak tree on his property that I would be sick about if he has it pulled down for development. So, I plan to write a letter to the city about that at the very least if not more. Of course, I have to agree with our backyard neighbor--building up is always better than building out. Rather see urban development than farmland give way to 4000 sq. ft. suburban homes.

By the way, aren't these built in bookcases so nice!? This is a partial picture of what will be Samuel's new room at the new house--which, by the way, we close on in less than 3 weeks--YIKES!


Patiently Waiting

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just when I was thinking that nothing was happening,something happened. Celia e-mailed me early this afternoon to say that the woman I took through our house yesterday (someone who had stopped by) had called their office very interested & wants to take her partner through on Friday. Then, a few minutes after that, the realtor of the guy who had stopped by over the weekend wanting to make an offer called Celia wanting comp reports, saying her client was very interested. So, we now have two people who are very interested. Now, we are back to waiting. Hope the next couple of days bring an offer (or two) to the table.

Oh, and before I forget, I was laying on our futon with Samuel nursing him later this afternoon when a realtor's head popped up in the living-room window. He knocked on the window & waved, and I got up in a big hurry. Can we say invasion of privacy! Well, apparently, he had tried calling, but had written down the wrong number, so he was there with his client & wanted to see the property. Luckily, our house is always ready for a viewing, so that wasn't an issue. Samuel and I waited in the front yard while the realtor took his client through. She is looking for a rental property. I'm not sure if she was seriously interested. It is hard to read people when they have their poker face on.


Attention! Real Estate Special on Pasadena!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Well, I thought the day had come to an end last night, but a realtor called at 6pm wanting to show our house at 7pm. Haven't heard back from that realtor yet. Another realtor called today at 4pm wanting to show it at 4:30, so I ran out of the house in a hurry and over to Gabriel Park. Still no offers. I don't understand why no one loves our house. It is so loveable. The garden is a retreat. The 200 year old oak trees on the property & surrounding are stunning. The birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds are flitting around happily in our garden these days. Everything about our property tells me we should have an offer by now. Seems like things are picking up a bit this week--we're getting more calls. Maybe we'll have a match soon. Feeling more confident & hopeful, Karli

Hope of an Offer Diminishes as Day comes to an End

Monday, May 08, 2006

No offer came in today. There was one viewing this afternoon at 2:30, and we haven't heard anything back from that either. Spent the morning going to Target for diapers & non-food items, then went to Trader Joe's to get fresh flowers for the viewing this afternoon, then came home & weeded the front flower beds for the viewing. I don't know how much more of this stress & pressure I can take. --Karli

Talk of an Offer

Sunday, May 07, 2006

All morning went by slowly with no calls & no one even stopped by to pick up fliers on our property. Finally, we got ready & went grocery shopping. We had just loaded up the car to head home from getting groceries when our realtor called & said someone was sitting in front of our house & wanted to see it. We rushed home, and it was a young guy in his early thirties with his girlfriend, and he wanted to go through the house. We showed him the house & property, and he said he thought he wanted to make an offer, but he wanted to meet with his realtor to go over comp reports first. So, we headed to Damien & Laurie's to bring them the Diaper Dekor that he left at work, and to see baby Isabelle again. We also wanted to keep our minds off the anticipation of whether or not an offer would come in this evening. Well, it is now a quarter to 8pm, and no offer yet. A realtor did call around 6pm, though, and wants to show our house tomorrow at 2:30pm. We'll see what tomorrow holds--I hope good things. Karli

Slow Day for Buyers

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Today was a beautiful day, however, we didn't receive a single call to view our house, which I find odd for the weekend, especially considering we had no calls last weekend either! I got these little yellow daisies to put around the house, and they've kept their fresh appearance for almost 2 weeks now! A storm is brewing, and the rain is going to start soon. I mowed the lawn, and did some pruning. Soon these plants won't be mine any longer. I hope the new owners take care of them the way that we have! --Karli

Where are all the Buyers!?

Friday, May 05, 2006

No one called today--and, I was a bit upset to hear that the person that viewed yesterday loved the house, but didn't want to buy it because he didn't think he'd have the time to put into the yard. Whatev. Isn't that why you buy a house--to have a YARD!?? --Karli

Another Viewing--and a Beautiful Day!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Walk-in closet in the bigger upstairs bedroom. Let's call it the master--I'm sure this will be the room Landon & I take for the time being. Just got another call for an evening showing--looks like dinner in the park again--I'm excited, though--every showing is a potential offer! Staying hopeful, Karli

Inspection & Sewer Scope

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The inspection went great! Just a few things we asked that they repair/service before we close, and they've agreed to do so. The sewer scope also went great--cast iron to the main--no worries there. If anyone is interested, we have a 5 minute VHS tape of the colonoscopy of our cast iron pipes. For those of you interested into going into the sewer scope business, I'm sure you'll find it entertaining. Here is a pic of part of our new living room. Notice the period windows.

Oh, and today we had a showing at our house while we were at the new property--keeping my fingers crossed!

By the time we got home, I was starting to get a headache. It was pretty mild, so I agreed to walk to Fred Meyer with Landon & Samuel (in the red wagon). By the time we got home, my headache was a full-on migraine. I took the maximum doseage of Tylenol & Ibuprofin, but it didn't help. I ended up going to bed at 9pm (don't remember the last time I went to bed that early), and slept soundly until 8am. I really think the headache was attributed to lack of sleep & the accumulation of stress. Felt so much better when I woke up...ahhh!

More Viewings

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I woke up this morning with the thought, "Today is going to be a new day." Sure enough, by 8am, our realtor (Celia) called to let us know that a realtor had called her wanting to show our house. By 1:30pm, that realtor called me to schedule a viewing for tomorrow, and 10 minutes later, yet another realtor called to schedule a viewing for today between 3 and 4pm. Samuel & I had a nice time at Fulton Park--the park that will be blocks from our new house. Of course, I couldn't resist the urge to walk down to our new house & peek in the windows. Tomorrow is our inspection, and I'm looking forward to getting the opportunity to inspect the house much more closely than we were able to at our first viewing. Here is a picture of the stair case leading to the 2nd story. The 4 days of no calls have ended--today is a new day! Karli

Welcome May, Goodbye April

Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm so stressed out! No one has come to see our house in five days. No calls, lots of stress. Want to cry at this point. Definitely say a prayer for us!

Welcome, baby Isabelle! Damien & Laurie's daughter was born early this afternoon--a big congratulations to them!
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