Friday, April 14, 2006

Samuel brought me a book today to read to him by Nancy Carlson called "I Like Me," which got me thinking about self-esteem. Good self-esteem can be interpreted in childlike terms as "I Like Me." What a moment of realization for me! I would like to like myself more, and feel good about myself because I like myself, and base my self-perceptions less on what I perceive others think of me. So, for example, today when I caught myself thinking about a friend who hasn't returned my phone call or a recent e-mail and how that person probably hasn't called because she doesn't really like me, which is an insecure thought to have, I told myself, "I Like Me," and instead of feeling lame like it was my fault or something that this person hasn't called, I felt happy inside and decided it didn't matter if she never called, because my self-worth is not based on whether or not someone calls me back. I know we read this stuff all the time in magazines like "Oprah," but for some reason Samuel's book "I Like Me" hit me over the head with how simple a healthy self-esteem really can be--liking ourselves & not allowing unhealthy thought processes that are destructive to our self-esteem be our habit! I'll close this blog post with a close-up of my bleeding hearts in my front garden, and a pledge to prioritize high self-esteem & healthy thought processes in my life! And, just for fun, here is an excerpt from Nancy Carlson's book:

"No matter where I go,
or what I do,
I'll always be me, and
I like that!"


Anonymous said...

Very, very perceptive and wise. Sometimes the simplest truths are so complex. I like you, too.

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