Samuel & Peaches

Monday, April 10, 2006

Today was a nice day! I spent a lot of time driving around looking for a lockout. First went to Taylor's Electric on 3rd & Clay, then was sent to Oregon Breakers on 17th & Pershing. OB had a lockout for a single Murray breaker (Murray was bought out by Siemen's, so really, it was a Siemens that works on a Murray). He even gave me the lockout for free. I drove around & looked at a few houses, took Samuel to Brooklyn Park, where he met a 4 year old girl named Peaches, and got an iced Americano from a place called True Brew on Milwaukie across from Brooklyn Park--a bookstore, antique store, & coffee shop in one. Anyway, getting back to Brooklyn Park, Peaches played with us, because her Mom was too busy smoking & talking to her friend to give her the time of day. It really made me sad--especially when Peaches would call to her Mom to watch or to help her with something and her Mom would ignore her or tell her to find something to play on that she didn't need help with. She was a sweet little girl, and Samuel followed her around trying to emulate all her big-girl moves on the play structure. I think Samuel's favorite was the slide. He loves those slides!

In the evening, Landon made hamburgers & we sat out on the deck while Samuel played. Unfortunately, probably due to the removal of my gallbladder, the hamburger & fries made me feel nauseated, so I spent the remainder of the evening not feeling well. One great thing, though, was that Samuel slept from 8:30 to 7:30 without waking up once! Only his 4th time sleeping through the night since birth, but in general, he's been sleeping longer & deeper since he's turned a year & Landon has started putting him to bed. We're making progress! Karli


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