Monday, April 24, 2006

Wow, I just found out that the seller is delaying until 5pm tonight, and there may potentially be a bidding war, as he is giving the first offer a chance to meet our offer. This is so stressful. If this house weren't so perfect, and the location better than we could have dreamed up for ourselves, and this house wasn't a house we liked so much we could live there for life, then this wouldn't be such a big deal. I feel like our whole future is hinged on whether or not the seller will go with our offer or the first one, or any offers that might float in today. I have to believe that if this is truly meant to be, then it will be. But, if I believe that, then I have to also be okay with the possibility that this IS NOT the house for us, even though everything in us (both Landon and I) makes us feel like this house is meant to be. So many things make us feel that.

So, as I write this, I don't know whether or not this house is really meant for us or not. The seller will decide, and we will know our fate by the end of the day. For now, it is in the seller's hands.

I am posting a picture of the forest at Gabriel Park (if you can call it a forest), because that is where I wish I could go right now--it seems like a peaceful & quiet place in the midst of a bustling city. Since I am so emotionally charged right now, my hope is I can find a quiet place to go today, and if not, that I can at least find peace inside even if our offer is not accepted.



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