Not into James Blunt after all

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Samuel & I were out and about after playgroup this afternoon looking at real estate in East Moreland. I met a really nice woman working in her garden on our walk. She was out with her 7 month old, and she is a Naturopathic physician. She talked to me about her home birth. I'm really interested in how home births work, because I wasn't happy with my experience at the hospital, and actually really wanted to do a home birth with Samuel, but I didn't know anyone around me to help guide me in that direction. I'm starting to seriously consider it, though, if I ever become pregnant again someday. I think a lot of people are fearful of home births because they don't understand the process. I also know a lot of women who have had horrible hospital experiences and felt like the hospital rushed them off to C-section when it was unnecessary. In my personal experience, I had a really difficult experience with almost all the nurses except for one, and felt abandoned by my OB-GYN, since she wasn't on call when I delivered. Someone I didn't know at all delivered Samuel, and I was happy with her, but next time, I'd rather have the physician that knows me & has provided me with my prenatal care to deliver me. Anyway, maybe a home birth is in my future, but I have to convince Landon (and myself) that it is as safe as a hospital birth.

Anyway, Cindy babysat Samuel this evening while Landon and I headed down to the Crystal Ballroom to hear James Blunt. She did a great job! As far as the show goes, it was mediocre--after two opening bands, it was just about 9:30 when Blunt came on. We stayed for about 45 minutes, then left--even before he sang his hit, "Beautiful!" It wasn't my scene--I mean, I liked his CD, but seeing him live didn't do it for me. Guess he isn't really my thing after all. I should have listened to Tracy & Sharla!


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