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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here is Samuel as I found him last night when I came to bed. Luckily, he is still on his waterproof mat in case he throws up, but I thought his position was funny--worth running for the camera.

Today I felt much better than the past few days--mostly because Landon let me sleep in until almost 10am! That hasn't happened since I don't even remember when!

I've been working on getting my birthing video clipped down into a 'decent' video that I can give to family members. Gotta clip out the indescent parts, then it will be a fun video for others to watch. Actually, most of what I'm saving is the interviews of the days leading up to Samuel's birth & afterwards.

I met Sharla today for lunch, then we went over to Mike & Susan's for dinner since Susan hadn't seen Samuel in about a month. He still wasn't feeling very well, though, so he was super fussy. He has a cold on top of his stomach flu--poor guy! It's been 24 hours since he threw up, though, so I'm hoping the worst is behind us!

Another weekend is over--on to next week! Karli


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