Kale & Potato Soup

Monday, April 03, 2006

Was super tired this morning--canceled the inspection because our inspector is on vacation, and I didn't want to take the chance of getting a disagreeable inspector. Will reschedule for Wednesday when he returns to work. After taking a morning nap with Samuel, we went to SE Portland and went for a long walk. The house on 28th & Tibbetts is still For Sale by Owner. He's asking 350K. The FSBO down the street sold for 330K, and was much bigger. Still think he's asking too much, but what a great location. We saw the house last weekend, and it is really nice, but the attic has a low ceiling (would make a great kids bedroom), and the basement has a low ceiling as well.

Anyway, I made a kale & potato soup tonight. Landon ran to Fred Meyer for some fresh Artisan olive bread. It was good! Now he is putting Samuel to sleep, and I am enjoying an IPA. I hope my Mom feels better soon. She's having a procedure done this week, because she has multiple kidney stones. --Karli


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