Even More Waiting...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

No one called today to see the house! I'm trying to stay positive, but 3 days w/ no showings is causing me stress. The thing is, there just isn't many out looking now--otherwise they would look at our property & buy it, because it is the best one out there for the price in this zip. For under 250K, only a few fixers come up besides our house in the RMLS.

One hopeful occurance today was that a young guy in his mid-twenties stopped by with his Mom & sister while I was home earlier this afternoon. There were no cars in the driveway, so they didn't know anyone was here. They were peeking in windows, thinking no one was home, and I had them come in & showed them the house. He seemed to really like it, and is trying to get into his first house before grad. school starts in the fall. I got the impression his Mom was going to help him buy his first house. Anyway, I didn't get their info, but it gave me some hope, since the past few days have been so slow.

So, the waiting continues...I am trying to believe that the right buyer is coming our way.


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