Day Four of WAITING

Sunday, April 30, 2006

How can it be possible that no one came to see our house this weekend? Our house is super cute, and the best one on the market in that price range, so I know it will sell if people are out looking. I kept busy pulling weeds all day & running errands. The garden is looking great as it is just about weed free and many perennials are in full bloom. House hunters, where are you? Can't sell if no one is looking. :( So, here's to day 4 of waiting...and the phone still isn't ringing. In fact, it has been eerie, because the phone hasn't rung at ALL--not even a normal amount from family & friends. Oh, well, probably just as well since my heart will skip two beats if it actually does ring. Realtors & house hunters--get on the ball--our house is one cute cottage, and worth every dime!! Karli


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