April Showers

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I packed about six boxes today full of books & clothes we don't use very often. Landon and I carried them all out to the Tuff Shed along with the bookcase in the rain. We are now set for the final inspection tomorrow morning. I just finished calling the automated system to schedule an AM appointment. I sure hope everything goes well. I'm feeling pretty nervous about it, because part of me is afraid the inspector will get here and come up with a new list for us to take care of. I sure hope not! I will be SO relieved if he signs us off tomorrow. That would relieve a huge amount of stress for me. If we do get signed off tomorrow, we only need to finish installing floorboards in our bedroom as well as painting the ceiling & the last two walls in there. After that, our house will be ready to go on the market. It's exciting to think about, but slightly stressful also to think about selling/buying/moving. We need to do so, though, as we've completely outgrown this house, and desire to be in a more pedestrian-friendly & urban neighborhood.

We're thinking of relieving some stress with the move by putting all non-essentials into a pod for storage, then only moving essentials with a moving truck. That way, we don't have everything we own sitting in the living room. With a pod, we can take our time unloading once it is delivered.

Okay, Landon and I are going to watch "Ray" now. We watched "King Kong" on Friday night, and I thought the 2nd half of it was really good! The first hour is a little slow. My favorite movie I've watched recently is "The Constant Gardner." Alright, I'm going to drink an IPA now and eat my organic Dagoba milk chocolate bar now--Karli


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