April Fool's Day!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wow, a lot got accomplished around here today. Mike came over at around 8:30am this morning, and he & Landon compiled a shopping list for Lowe's. After a nightmarish experience at Lowe's with their customer service failing even to meet minimal standards, they returned 2 1/2 hours later. By then, I had mowed & edged the yard while Samuel had slept for 2 hours. They set to work on the following tasks:

1. Provide 100A protection for electrical panel.
2. Identify water bond & install additional ground rod.
3. Repalce top two breakers with 15 amp. breakers.
4. By code, wall heaters must be 4" from door--remove wall heater (we never use it).
5. Install smoke detectors in both bedrooms.
6. Install low-grade carpet in front porch.
7. Replace broken glass on front porch.
8. Install flex conduit for water heater conduit.
9. Label all breakers at panel.

Landon & Mike accomplished all of the above, except for the replacing the broken glass, since the glass shop was closed, and Lowe's didn't cut glass to that size. I helped pound in the 8' ground rod. It took about 30 blows to move it 1". My biceps sure are sore, and I have a blister on my hand as well. At least I was able to help in some small way (besides occupying Samuel for the entire day). I also got all that mowing & edging done.

During one two hour segment, I took Samuel to Fred Meyer in Tigard in the wagon. I bought almost $100 in groceries, and over-estimated my strength. Pulling that wagon uphill on the way home with that many groceries nearly killed me! I called Landon halfway home and asked if he could run meet me and pick up the groceries to lighten my load. He & Mike had to make another run to A-Boy anyway, so within 5 minutes, they came by and picked up all the groceries except for the frozen items.

Whew! What a long, but productive day! We're now just about ready for the final inspection--I sure hope we pass! I just have to move a bookcase to expose a small hole in the drywall from a useless phone jack that was once there so the inspector can check the exterior wall for the correct insulation. Gosh, I sure hope we don't have an insulation problem! We've been through enough stress over this already!



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