Day Four of WAITING

Sunday, April 30, 2006

How can it be possible that no one came to see our house this weekend? Our house is super cute, and the best one on the market in that price range, so I know it will sell if people are out looking. I kept busy pulling weeds all day & running errands. The garden is looking great as it is just about weed free and many perennials are in full bloom. House hunters, where are you? Can't sell if no one is looking. :( So, here's to day 4 of waiting...and the phone still isn't ringing. In fact, it has been eerie, because the phone hasn't rung at ALL--not even a normal amount from family & friends. Oh, well, probably just as well since my heart will skip two beats if it actually does ring. Realtors & house hunters--get on the ball--our house is one cute cottage, and worth every dime!! Karli

Even More Waiting...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

No one called today to see the house! I'm trying to stay positive, but 3 days w/ no showings is causing me stress. The thing is, there just isn't many out looking now--otherwise they would look at our property & buy it, because it is the best one out there for the price in this zip. For under 250K, only a few fixers come up besides our house in the RMLS.

One hopeful occurance today was that a young guy in his mid-twenties stopped by with his Mom & sister while I was home earlier this afternoon. There were no cars in the driveway, so they didn't know anyone was here. They were peeking in windows, thinking no one was home, and I had them come in & showed them the house. He seemed to really like it, and is trying to get into his first house before grad. school starts in the fall. I got the impression his Mom was going to help him buy his first house. Anyway, I didn't get their info, but it gave me some hope, since the past few days have been so slow.

So, the waiting continues...I am trying to believe that the right buyer is coming our way.

More Waiting

Friday, April 28, 2006

The phone didn't ring all day except for once & it was our realtor saying she made 400 postcards that will go out to neighbors in our zip code to let them know our house is for sale & if they know anyone that is interested to pass the word along. I'm feeling really hopeful, but it is discouraging when two days pass without anyone looking. 5 people have looked so far. I'm hoping this weekend will bring more! Karli


Thursday, April 27, 2006

No calls to see our house today. A long day at home waiting for the phone to ring. It's 4:45 right now. Maybe someone will call this evening...I hope, as I wait.

Four Showings

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I was away from the house today from 8:30am until 2:30pm, then again from 5:30pm to 7:30 pm for viewings & opens. The most stressful part of today was the three hours I was home with no calls. Even though it is stressful having to leave the house for long periods of time, it feels better to have people looking than to have a lull of time with no viewings & still no offers. I sure hope we sell our house quickly!

New House

Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Monday, April 24, 2006

Wow, I just found out that the seller is delaying until 5pm tonight, and there may potentially be a bidding war, as he is giving the first offer a chance to meet our offer. This is so stressful. If this house weren't so perfect, and the location better than we could have dreamed up for ourselves, and this house wasn't a house we liked so much we could live there for life, then this wouldn't be such a big deal. I feel like our whole future is hinged on whether or not the seller will go with our offer or the first one, or any offers that might float in today. I have to believe that if this is truly meant to be, then it will be. But, if I believe that, then I have to also be okay with the possibility that this IS NOT the house for us, even though everything in us (both Landon and I) makes us feel like this house is meant to be. So many things make us feel that.

So, as I write this, I don't know whether or not this house is really meant for us or not. The seller will decide, and we will know our fate by the end of the day. For now, it is in the seller's hands.

I am posting a picture of the forest at Gabriel Park (if you can call it a forest), because that is where I wish I could go right now--it seems like a peaceful & quiet place in the midst of a bustling city. Since I am so emotionally charged right now, my hope is I can find a quiet place to go today, and if not, that I can at least find peace inside even if our offer is not accepted.


Experiencing a multiple offer situation on the perfect house in an ideal location

Sunday, April 23, 2006

After seeing the cape cod today with Celia, we loved it even more than we thought we did. The bedrooms are so cute with built ins & one bedroom has a walk in closet with a window. The landing has a small dormer w/ a window. Landon and I, knowing an offer was already on the table, rushed to get our offer in before 5pm. As far as we know it is only our offer and one other. We put our best offer out there. Neither of got more than a few hours of sleep last night. The build up of excitement about potentially getting an accepted offer on such a perfect & possibly lifelong house for us is excruciating. Tomorrow morning can't get here soon enough.

Is there really more than one perfect house for everyone?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Landon, Samuel, & I headed to the beach at 8am this morning. It was beautiful, but too windy, so Samuel didn't have much fun. We stayed for about 3 hours, then came home.

Landon finished painting the floorboards today, so now he just has to frame out the bedroom window, and we're done!

I called our realtor this morning, and she is going to show us the house I mentioned yesterday tomorrow afternoon. Turns out there is already an offer on the table, which the seller will review Sunday night, so if we're going to make an offer, it will be tomorrow afternoon. The idea of competing against other contracts is really stressful for me! But, I like this house enough that I want to at least give it a shot. Hopefully, if it is meant to be, it will.

Here's what I love about it:
It's a 1940 cape cod (I love cape cods!)
Dining Room
Remodeled Kitchen
3 Bedrooms, 2 upstairs, one down
Living Room, 1 Bath (remodeled), Full Basement
Hardwoods throughout
Great neighborhood w/ sidewalks
Walking distance to two parks & community center
Walking distance to two grocery stores
2 blocks from 2 different bus lines


Getting excited about a house in SW

Friday, April 21, 2006

Found a GREAT house today in a GREAT neighborhood. Landon and I like it so much, we're considering calling our realtor tomorrow to see it (we peeked in the windows on the first floor) and potentially put an offer on it. We'll see! We are hoping to get our house on the market by next week--maybe even by this weekend.

Tonight Landon and I went to see Pink Martini @ the Crystal. It was SUCH a great show--I loved them! Cindy babysat Samuel again, and did a great job--thanks, Cindy! Karli

Looking forward to Caro Amico's

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Babysat Logan this morning--it's a lot of fun watching Samuel & Logan together--sometimes I really do think two is easier than one. They entertained each other so often that some of the time, I ended up sitting there watching them w/out having to come up with creative ideas for entertainment. Anyway, after that, Samuel was super tired, and was out like a light once we got in the car. He didn't even wake up when I transferred him from the car to the bed. Did the dishes, cleaned up--getting ready now to go out this evening with my friend Jen at Caro Amico's--gosh, haven't been there since we lived on View Point Terrace--I miss that little place! Karli

Finishing up with Painting

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Finished painting the ceiling in our bedroom today, and tomorrow I'll finish up with the edging. Walked around in Mult. Village this afternoon looking at more houses. I found a fixer farmhouse on a nice lot in our range. I can't wait until we're in the place to start making offers. I'm actually ready to make an offer mentally right now, but it makes more sense to wait until we have an accepted offer on our house, which means waiting until our house is actually on the market, which it isn't yet. We're just about there--I hope. Anyway, a ton of real estate has started going on the market with the change in season, so there is lots to choose from. Karli

A Bright & Sunny Day

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I used this chard a few nights ago when I made a pasta. Isn't it pretty?

Well, today is going to be a beautiful day. When Samuel wakes up from his nap, I plan to go to the park with him. I have been touching up on the lady bug red paint while he has been sleeping.

It will be nice when our bedroom is finished! What will we do with ourselves then? Oh, that's right--we're going to buy a new house and start over!


More Painting

Monday, April 17, 2006

Looks like it's going to be a rainy spring day, so I plan to stay indoors & make some headway on painting in our bedroom. Of course, I'll be limited to doing this while Samuel is taking his morning nap, but I should be able to finish painting the two walls during that time, then I can do the trim & fine painting throughout the week bit by bit. I also would like to rest a little today--I didn't get much sleep last night. Samuel's cutting three teeth, and has been a restless sleeper. Off to start the day! Karli

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Landon got up early this morning and made pancakes from scratch--they were really good! Afterwards, we got ready to go to church. We tried out a nearby Presbyterian church. Landon ended up sitting out with Samuel, because he didn't want to sit still, but I enjoyed the service. There was a choir singing Easter songs, and the sermon was encouraging.

Then, we headed down to McMinnville for Easter dinner. I was so tired when we got there! I had zero energy! Samuel got a nice gift bag of Easter gifts from Nana & Papa, and seemed to have fun playing & interacting with everyone. Happy Easter!

In the evening, Landon and I talked for awhile, then I watched Grey's Anatomy. Samuel's been going to bed at 7:30, so it gives us some time in the evenings to do other things.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

I volunteered this morning for Bradley-Angle. We stuffed about 500 invitations for their Mother's Bistro silent auction event coming up in May. I met some really nice people there. We had Noah's bagels & coffee. It was fun!

Landon worked all day on putting up floorboards in our bedroom. I plan to finish up the painting in there next week. It will be exciting to be finished with the remodeling of our house! Of course, if we were going to stay, there are a few other things I'd like to do if we were going to stay--improvements are really never finished. There is always something more you can do!

I can't believe we're already to mid-April! Where does time go!?



Friday, April 14, 2006

Samuel brought me a book today to read to him by Nancy Carlson called "I Like Me," which got me thinking about self-esteem. Good self-esteem can be interpreted in childlike terms as "I Like Me." What a moment of realization for me! I would like to like myself more, and feel good about myself because I like myself, and base my self-perceptions less on what I perceive others think of me. So, for example, today when I caught myself thinking about a friend who hasn't returned my phone call or a recent e-mail and how that person probably hasn't called because she doesn't really like me, which is an insecure thought to have, I told myself, "I Like Me," and instead of feeling lame like it was my fault or something that this person hasn't called, I felt happy inside and decided it didn't matter if she never called, because my self-worth is not based on whether or not someone calls me back. I know we read this stuff all the time in magazines like "Oprah," but for some reason Samuel's book "I Like Me" hit me over the head with how simple a healthy self-esteem really can be--liking ourselves & not allowing unhealthy thought processes that are destructive to our self-esteem be our habit! I'll close this blog post with a close-up of my bleeding hearts in my front garden, and a pledge to prioritize high self-esteem & healthy thought processes in my life! And, just for fun, here is an excerpt from Nancy Carlson's book:

"No matter where I go,
or what I do,
I'll always be me, and
I like that!"

New Gutters!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

NW Gutters came today to put our new gutters on the house--don't they look nice? Other than that, it was a day at home with Samuel, playing, walking outside, taking pictures of new spring plants, and doing dishes & laundry. Karli

Weeds are a State of Mind (Oh, and we're LEGAL!)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The inspector signed off today on the legalization permit! Permit will be closed & signed off by tomorrow. All that stress is now a thing of the past. I'm so glad that is over! Now, we're hoping to get the floorboards & last two walls & ceiling painted in our bedroom over the next couple of weekends.

I've been experiencing new challenges to parenthood lately. For example, it is so hard for me to remain calm when Samuel picks flowers from the garden, or when he sat on one of my bleeding hearts today, crushing half of it. When we are out in the yard, he walks through the garden, crushing new shoots & buds. He doesn't walk around--he just walks! He doesn't mean any harm, of course, but he still needs to realize that certain things, like garden plants, must be treated with respect. I don't want to send the message that the garden is off limits, because I want to encourage an interest in plants & nature, but in doing that, I have to teach him to respect & be gentle with the plants. What's hard is that he doesn't know the difference between picking flowers from the garden & dandy-lions from the yard. It is definitely a challenge for me in more ways than one. If anyone has suggestions that might be helpful in this situation for a 14 month old, let me know! Sigh! I took the above picture, and shortly afterwards, Samuel started picking buds off. I've taught him that the indoor plants are off-limits to anything but gentle touching--if I could only teach him that the same rule applies for outdoor plants.

Another confusing aspect for Samuel that I just thought of is that he watches me pulling weeds from the garden. He probably thinks he is helping by pulling out the plants we actually WANT in our garden. Landon says weeds are a state of mind. how do I get Samuel to understand the difference between a WEED and an acceptable garden plant?


Lockouts & Acorn Clamps--Almost Legal

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well, the lockout that Oregon Breakers gave me yesterday wasn't the right one, so first thing this morning, Samuel & I set out to get the right one. First, we went to A-boy to return the acorn clamp in size 5/8" for a $3.00 refund. They didn't have the 3/4" clamp I needed. Bummer! I then drove around in SE to look at a few new houses on the RMLS--and the first one was nice if you want McLaughlin running through your backyard, and the 2nd one was okay if you don't mind living on an unfinished road within the City of Portland--yes, they do exist! Sigh! I hope the right house comes our way! After looking at those houses, I drove to Oregon Breakers, where I got the correct lock-out, but was still confused as to whether or not the lock-out was what I needed or if the inspector would require me to have the padlock as well, which goes through the eyelet, keeping the breaker locked off. From there, I drove to Taylor's to see if they had the 3/4" acorn clamp, which they did, and gave to me for free. When I inquired about the lock-off I had purchased at OB, he explained to me that all you have to do is snap it onto the breaker, and if the wall heater that is on that breaker is ever serviced, the service man has a padlock that he uses to lock it off. Seems ridiculous to me! Our inspector said the only breaker that needed the lock-off was the wall heater--what makes it so special? I have the mind to go to the Mult. Ct. Library and read the NEC codes myself. For example, why did he insist that we had to have an acorn clamp when the clamp we had worked just fine? I asked about this at Taylor's as well, and he said, "All grounding rods must have acorn clamps." When I asked why, the only explanation he could come up with was that it was NEC code. So, whatever...I've fulfilled the very last two tasks we needed to in order to get signed off on what has been a pretty stressful ordeal of legalizing the addition on our house from the mid-nineties. Word of warning--NEVER BUY A HOUSE WITHOUT CHECKING WITH YOUR BUILDING DEPARTMENT TO FIND OUT IF THERE ARE OPEN PERMITS! We learned our lesson the hard way. But, that's what you do in life--you live & learn. Some lessons are unfair & undeserved, but others are a matter of gettin' what you had comin'. Whichever way the lessons come, you deal with them and move on. --Karli

P.S. The picture above shows the installed lock-out--and, I even installed it myself, which included taking off the panel cover. *reminder to pat myself on back*

Samuel & Peaches

Monday, April 10, 2006

Today was a nice day! I spent a lot of time driving around looking for a lockout. First went to Taylor's Electric on 3rd & Clay, then was sent to Oregon Breakers on 17th & Pershing. OB had a lockout for a single Murray breaker (Murray was bought out by Siemen's, so really, it was a Siemens that works on a Murray). He even gave me the lockout for free. I drove around & looked at a few houses, took Samuel to Brooklyn Park, where he met a 4 year old girl named Peaches, and got an iced Americano from a place called True Brew on Milwaukie across from Brooklyn Park--a bookstore, antique store, & coffee shop in one. Anyway, getting back to Brooklyn Park, Peaches played with us, because her Mom was too busy smoking & talking to her friend to give her the time of day. It really made me sad--especially when Peaches would call to her Mom to watch or to help her with something and her Mom would ignore her or tell her to find something to play on that she didn't need help with. She was a sweet little girl, and Samuel followed her around trying to emulate all her big-girl moves on the play structure. I think Samuel's favorite was the slide. He loves those slides!

In the evening, Landon made hamburgers & we sat out on the deck while Samuel played. Unfortunately, probably due to the removal of my gallbladder, the hamburger & fries made me feel nauseated, so I spent the remainder of the evening not feeling well. One great thing, though, was that Samuel slept from 8:30 to 7:30 without waking up once! Only his 4th time sleeping through the night since birth, but in general, he's been sleeping longer & deeper since he's turned a year & Landon has started putting him to bed. We're making progress! Karli

Learning how to use Windows Movie Maker

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here is Samuel as I found him last night when I came to bed. Luckily, he is still on his waterproof mat in case he throws up, but I thought his position was funny--worth running for the camera.

Today I felt much better than the past few days--mostly because Landon let me sleep in until almost 10am! That hasn't happened since I don't even remember when!

I've been working on getting my birthing video clipped down into a 'decent' video that I can give to family members. Gotta clip out the indescent parts, then it will be a fun video for others to watch. Actually, most of what I'm saving is the interviews of the days leading up to Samuel's birth & afterwards.

I met Sharla today for lunch, then we went over to Mike & Susan's for dinner since Susan hadn't seen Samuel in about a month. He still wasn't feeling very well, though, so he was super fussy. He has a cold on top of his stomach flu--poor guy! It's been 24 hours since he threw up, though, so I'm hoping the worst is behind us!

Another weekend is over--on to next week! Karli


Saturday, April 08, 2006

I have been so tired all day! Like, can't keep my eyes opened tired! Samuel didn't throw up during the night, but did first thing this morning. I'm just still tired from the night before. I left the house for a few hours this afternoon to run errands like a drop off to the drycleaners & Goodwill, post-office, and Starbucks.

This is a picture of our old porch at our View Point Terrace apartment.


A Hard Day

Friday, April 07, 2006

Today was challenging to say the least. After being up all night with Samuel, who was throwing up about every 30 to 40 minutes, I was left completely exhausted today. He also threw up all day, and the washer was going non-stop between the towels, blankets, and outfits he went through. I'm so tired! --Karli


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today was a nice, spring day. The only hitch is Landon had his colonoscopy today, so it wasn't exactly a fun day for all of us! But, the procedure went well--the prep was actually the worst part. It's good to know exactly what we're dealing with at this point. Landon is continuing to improve & respond to the medication & an altered diet. We're staying positive & hoping for the best!

Tomorrow is the inspection...I sure hope it goes well. I'm really feeling nervous about it.

Landon Preps for his Colonoscopy

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yesterday afternoon, I took Samuel to a playgroup this afternoon at Sarah & Ben's house. I hope he doesn't get a cold or anything! We've been really unlucky so far with public outings! Here is a picture from the playgroup. Ellie is off to the right, then there's Ben, then Samuel.

This afternoon, Samuel and I headed to St. Vincent's to see my Mom, who was recovering in post-surgery from her surgery for her kidney stones. We brought her daffodils. Unfortunately, just as we got there, they were discharging her, but it was nice to be able to see her briefly (and for Samuel to see his Nana & Papa), and to brighten the day by giving her the daffodils, which will come up year after year in her garden.

Landon was at home prepping for his colonoscopy tomorrow, which is a nasty business of drinking a GALLON of the worst tasting beverage you can imagine. I actually didn't taste it, but according to Landon, it was pretty awful. He's been known to drink some awful concoctions for his migraines & reflux, so I believe him. He can also consume an 8 oz. glass of water in under 15 seconds, so the fact he tasted something awful with the liquid going down his esophogus that quickly meant something! Anyway, after about four hours, he was finished with the liquid, and with the other nasty business, which I won't get into here! While all that was going on, Samuel & I got out of the house & met my friend Jen & her baby Nicholas at California Kitchen. It was nice to be able to catch up with her & see her baby! We each had a tasty alcoholic beverage--made my night!

Whew, another busy, BUSY day!


Not into James Blunt after all

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Samuel & I were out and about after playgroup this afternoon looking at real estate in East Moreland. I met a really nice woman working in her garden on our walk. She was out with her 7 month old, and she is a Naturopathic physician. She talked to me about her home birth. I'm really interested in how home births work, because I wasn't happy with my experience at the hospital, and actually really wanted to do a home birth with Samuel, but I didn't know anyone around me to help guide me in that direction. I'm starting to seriously consider it, though, if I ever become pregnant again someday. I think a lot of people are fearful of home births because they don't understand the process. I also know a lot of women who have had horrible hospital experiences and felt like the hospital rushed them off to C-section when it was unnecessary. In my personal experience, I had a really difficult experience with almost all the nurses except for one, and felt abandoned by my OB-GYN, since she wasn't on call when I delivered. Someone I didn't know at all delivered Samuel, and I was happy with her, but next time, I'd rather have the physician that knows me & has provided me with my prenatal care to deliver me. Anyway, maybe a home birth is in my future, but I have to convince Landon (and myself) that it is as safe as a hospital birth.

Anyway, Cindy babysat Samuel this evening while Landon and I headed down to the Crystal Ballroom to hear James Blunt. She did a great job! As far as the show goes, it was mediocre--after two opening bands, it was just about 9:30 when Blunt came on. We stayed for about 45 minutes, then left--even before he sang his hit, "Beautiful!" It wasn't my scene--I mean, I liked his CD, but seeing him live didn't do it for me. Guess he isn't really my thing after all. I should have listened to Tracy & Sharla!

Kale & Potato Soup

Monday, April 03, 2006

Was super tired this morning--canceled the inspection because our inspector is on vacation, and I didn't want to take the chance of getting a disagreeable inspector. Will reschedule for Wednesday when he returns to work. After taking a morning nap with Samuel, we went to SE Portland and went for a long walk. The house on 28th & Tibbetts is still For Sale by Owner. He's asking 350K. The FSBO down the street sold for 330K, and was much bigger. Still think he's asking too much, but what a great location. We saw the house last weekend, and it is really nice, but the attic has a low ceiling (would make a great kids bedroom), and the basement has a low ceiling as well.

Anyway, I made a kale & potato soup tonight. Landon ran to Fred Meyer for some fresh Artisan olive bread. It was good! Now he is putting Samuel to sleep, and I am enjoying an IPA. I hope my Mom feels better soon. She's having a procedure done this week, because she has multiple kidney stones. --Karli

April Showers

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I packed about six boxes today full of books & clothes we don't use very often. Landon and I carried them all out to the Tuff Shed along with the bookcase in the rain. We are now set for the final inspection tomorrow morning. I just finished calling the automated system to schedule an AM appointment. I sure hope everything goes well. I'm feeling pretty nervous about it, because part of me is afraid the inspector will get here and come up with a new list for us to take care of. I sure hope not! I will be SO relieved if he signs us off tomorrow. That would relieve a huge amount of stress for me. If we do get signed off tomorrow, we only need to finish installing floorboards in our bedroom as well as painting the ceiling & the last two walls in there. After that, our house will be ready to go on the market. It's exciting to think about, but slightly stressful also to think about selling/buying/moving. We need to do so, though, as we've completely outgrown this house, and desire to be in a more pedestrian-friendly & urban neighborhood.

We're thinking of relieving some stress with the move by putting all non-essentials into a pod for storage, then only moving essentials with a moving truck. That way, we don't have everything we own sitting in the living room. With a pod, we can take our time unloading once it is delivered.

Okay, Landon and I are going to watch "Ray" now. We watched "King Kong" on Friday night, and I thought the 2nd half of it was really good! The first hour is a little slow. My favorite movie I've watched recently is "The Constant Gardner." Alright, I'm going to drink an IPA now and eat my organic Dagoba milk chocolate bar now--Karli

April Fool's Day!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wow, a lot got accomplished around here today. Mike came over at around 8:30am this morning, and he & Landon compiled a shopping list for Lowe's. After a nightmarish experience at Lowe's with their customer service failing even to meet minimal standards, they returned 2 1/2 hours later. By then, I had mowed & edged the yard while Samuel had slept for 2 hours. They set to work on the following tasks:

1. Provide 100A protection for electrical panel.
2. Identify water bond & install additional ground rod.
3. Repalce top two breakers with 15 amp. breakers.
4. By code, wall heaters must be 4" from door--remove wall heater (we never use it).
5. Install smoke detectors in both bedrooms.
6. Install low-grade carpet in front porch.
7. Replace broken glass on front porch.
8. Install flex conduit for water heater conduit.
9. Label all breakers at panel.

Landon & Mike accomplished all of the above, except for the replacing the broken glass, since the glass shop was closed, and Lowe's didn't cut glass to that size. I helped pound in the 8' ground rod. It took about 30 blows to move it 1". My biceps sure are sore, and I have a blister on my hand as well. At least I was able to help in some small way (besides occupying Samuel for the entire day). I also got all that mowing & edging done.

During one two hour segment, I took Samuel to Fred Meyer in Tigard in the wagon. I bought almost $100 in groceries, and over-estimated my strength. Pulling that wagon uphill on the way home with that many groceries nearly killed me! I called Landon halfway home and asked if he could run meet me and pick up the groceries to lighten my load. He & Mike had to make another run to A-Boy anyway, so within 5 minutes, they came by and picked up all the groceries except for the frozen items.

Whew! What a long, but productive day! We're now just about ready for the final inspection--I sure hope we pass! I just have to move a bookcase to expose a small hole in the drywall from a useless phone jack that was once there so the inspector can check the exterior wall for the correct insulation. Gosh, I sure hope we don't have an insulation problem! We've been through enough stress over this already!

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