Working with Paint--Violet Powder, Ladybug Red, Rope, and Ceiling White by Martha Stewart

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I painted for four hours today, and my shoulders are stiff. I painted the bathroom ceiling, did detail work in the bathroom, put a second coat of paint on two bedroom walls, a second coat of paint on the accent wall in the bedroom, and also did detail work in the bedroom. Slowly, but surely. Oh, how the work in our house drags on and on!

Landon took Samuel to the park and the fish store today so I could get in some uninterrupted painting time (oh, the joys of life). Our aquarium looks wonderful with lots of new plants & a new light. The algae is now almost gone thanks to Landon scraping the sides, and it will remain under control with a fertilizer he bought for the plants. Everything needs to be in balance for a healthy aquarium, and lately, the algae had completely taken over.

Tomorrow, I plan to do some painting, but most importantly, I want the trim up in the hallway tomorrow, so Landon is going to start the day off with a trip to Lowe's, then hopefully will get it cut & put into place. My primary job tomorrow is going to keep Samuel preoccupied (probably by physically leaving our house) so he doesn't get in Landon's way.

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