What a Week it has Been

Friday, March 03, 2006

We spent almost all day today at Landon's parents house so Landon could rest while getting his mind off of the news we received yesterday. Landon's dad made chicken dumplings for lunch & a mild dinner as well. We watched a lot of TV & a movie while Landon rested. When Samuel was taking a nap, I drove down the street for an hour to read my In Vogue magazine while listening to my ipod in an attempt to improve my mood. I was feeling really irritated and depressed over all the stress of late. It was encouraging, on a positive note, though, because Landon seemed to be just slightly better today. The light dose of medication seems to be helping just a little, for which we are feeling encouraged.

What a week this has been.
Monday--All day at BDS.
Tuesday--Met with inspector. Spent evening at urgent care.
Wednesday--Inspection--were given a list of things to update in our house. Call put in to septic service company regarding our septic tank that needs to be decommissioned. Spent evening in ER--didn't get home until 2:30am.
Thursday--Spent all day at doctor's office. Received bad news regarding Landon's health.
Friday--Summary above--what a week it was.

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