Vomiting Baby

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today was a long day for me! First of all, after staying in all morning so Landon could rest & Samuel could take his nap, we decided to venture out in the afternoon for a walk in a SE neighborhood. Well, we stopped at Wild Oats for something to eat (for me), and Samuel projectile vomited all over by the deli department. It was all over his stroller, his coat, clothes, diaper bag--everywhere! I quickly cleaned up the best I could & changed Samuel, then we went back home. It went from sunny to a downpour during this time, anyway, so a walk would have been out of the question.

When we got home, I started laundry, then I met Mike & Susan's dining group at Lemmon Leaf Thai Cuisine in SE. Landon stayed home with Samuel. Miriam, Mark, Sylvia, Gay, Miriam's parents, and Mike & Susan were there. I talked mostly to Miriam & Mark, and the food was really good. After that, we went to the Dean's for dessert. I only stayed an hour, then I headed down to Kell's to meet Colleen and her friend Erica to see The Clumsy Lovers play. I only stayed until 11, then took off. I was worried about Samuel. When I got home, I took this picture. There was nothing for me to worry about after all--he was sound asleep! Karli


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