Vive la France!

Friday, March 31, 2006

I have some comments to make about what is going on in Paris, known as "the casseur phenomenon." These "casseurs" or "smashers" attach themselves to peaceful protests within Paris regarding the new labor law to express their rage at the police. Anarchists. To most people, all of Paris looks like mayhem because 1500 casseurs rage through the city trying to usurp the police force. One officer was critically wounded when a firecracker exploded in his face that a casseur threw at him. Many civilians are being violently attacked & looted, storefront windows are being smashed & vandalized, and these casseurs are using their cell phones to more quickly assemble and plan attacks in a more organized manner (Click here for article).

This reminds me of some recent peaceful protests that have taken place in Portland. Great rallies that are peaceful in nature, but a handful of casseurs show up to reap havoc on the police force, and guess who shows up on the 5 o'clock news--the casseurs. And, they accomplish nothing but violent atrocities. In my opinion, though, their greatest atrocity is that they diminish the voice of the peace rally. What the youth of Paris are currently standing up for is important. If this law is passed, it will encourage employers to hire youths of under 26 years of age with the luxury of being able to legally fire them without cause in the first two years of their employment. Sometimes, I have to wonder if we are actually progressing as a civilization when we take two steps back for every one step forward.

Here's to the protestors in Paris! May your voice not be diminished by the violent acts of the casseurs.



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