Onions and Painting Tools

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I know the onion bulb is obviously edible, but what about the plant that grows from the bulb? If anyone knows the answer to this, post away!

I've been doing lots of painting, and today discovered a quick & easy way to do the edging. There's actually a tool for it! I've been laboring away for hours on end trying to do the edging by hand. My hands cramp up from holding the paintbrush so steadily, and no matter how much I try, I still make mistakes, and end up going back and forth with the trim color & the wall color until I finally get it just about perfect. Landon's work is "machine-perfect," to quote him, and mine is far from that, but still pretty good--it just takes hours! With this square plastic tool (with wheels on the edge of it for running along the ceiling), I was able to finish trimming our hallway in five minutes. By hand, that would have taken me about three or four hours. There are still a couple of mistakes where the wall color ran up on the ceiling--the tool can't work properly when the drywall job isn't flat, and ours is far from that--but, it's much quicker, and I'm all about time efficiency. What makes my life easier makes me very happy. From now on, I'm of the opinion that painting accessories are definitely worth their weight in gold! Karli Posted by Picasa


MK said...

It's just green onion, the same as the tiny onions have on top. Chop it and eat it.

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