March Snow

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Something wrong with this picture? Yes! Daffodils in full bloom with four inches of snow on the ground--unexpected and unusual! It made for an exciting Thursday morning at our house. Landon woke me up at 5:30am to tell me our power was out & there was lots of snow on the ground. Well, our power didn't come back on until 10am, and by that time, it was 60 degrees in our house--brrrr! Samuel and I kept moving all morning to keep warm, and were bundled up. I sure wished our fireplace was in working condition on a morning like today! The best part about this morning was when I called our neighbors to find out if they had any idea when our power would be reconnected, and they offered to make a Starbucks run (no, I did not suggest it!), so I actually had a triple grande cinnamon dolce latte delivered hot to my door at 6:30am this morning. Landon ordered a grande house coffee--plain & simple. Today was his first day going back on coffee--so, somehow in the midst of an unusual morning, some things returned to the usual--Landon's drinking coffee again!

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