Ladybug Red on Hardwoods

Friday, March 10, 2006

The snow melted today. This picture was actually taken yesterday during the March snow storm. It was fun to have it around for a day, especially since the temperatures didn't drop below freezing. I was glad to see the snow came and went without harming the newly budding perennials around our property. The first winter freeze already damaged some of the first buds, which means some of the leaves have brown fringes. They'll recover, though. Maybe I won't even notice in another six weeks once the foliage has really taken off.

Well, today was a busy day! I had to run to Sherwin-Williams again for more paint & supplies. Two things worth mentioning happened today--first of all, we had our yard probed for the septic tank the city wants us to decommission. Their records state we are still hooked up to septic, and there is no record of it being decommissioned. Turns out the septic tank would be under the house, since an addition was built in the mid-nineties. Luckily, the tank isn't there! It is no where to be found, so we are going to put a copy of the invoice from the septic company on file with the building department so their records can be updated. It cost $150.00 for the probe, but that is a hell of a lot cheaper than the thousands it would have cost to decommission a tank underneath a house with only 18 inches of work space. That isn't even enough to get a shovel under there. Yikes--we got lucky on that one! I'm so relieved to have the septic issue cleared up. Big stress reliever!

The second thing worth mentioning is that when I was in the bedroom today getting dressed, I heard a bang, and ran into the living room to find Samuel sitting in the middle of a gallon of spilt ladybug red paint. This was a brand new gallon I had just purchased from Sherwin-Williams, but Samuel found a way to crawl up to the counter and pull it down from the table, which popped the lid. Bright red paint was seaping all over our hardwood floors (luckily it wasn't on the carpet), and Samuel was sitting in the middle of the puddle crying. I had to run him to the bath tub before I could clean up the mess. Can you imagine him running through the house leaving red hand and footprints everywhere? The water in the tub instantly turned red. He was covered with paint. I had put him in the tub fully clothed, and attempted to remove his clothes & diaper without dripping red paint all over the place. Finally, Samuel was washed, dried & dressed. I put him in his highchair and he watched me clean up the mess. I went through two packs of wet wipes, and by cupping my hands put handful after handful of red paint into a white plastic garbage bag. Then, I carried the bag to the curb and put it on top of the already overflowing garbage can (today was garbage day). Then, I looked at the bag, and it seriously looked like I had committed a murder--bright red paint filled this bag. I could only hope the garbage truck drivers didn't report me to the police. Sometimes, I have to admit that my days with a one year old are more interesting than most fiction on the market.

When it was all cleaned up, Samuel went down for a nap, and I tried my best to relax my jittery nerves. Despite the lost paint, I think I'll still have enough ladybug red to finish up the bedroom wall. Luckily, that was a color of which I had an ample supply.

I can't believe it is already March 10th! 2006 is already flying by with lightning speed!

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MK said...

OMG! I did not know about this. What a horrible event. It is unbelievable how much a tot can do!

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