Happy Birthday to Mom & Susan!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Birthdays to my Mom & Susan! Landon, Samuel, and I were in McMinnville tonight celebrating my Mom's birthday at Ruby Tuesdays with the whole family (except Tracy & Mike--Tracy was in LA for a cheerleading competition w/ her niece). It was a fun night. One thing that was sort of weird, though, was that two different waiters were serving our table, and they split it in half. For some reason, half of the table was served & finished eating by the time the other half of the table was served.

Earlier that day, my Mom & Dad were in Portland to get my Dad's SUV windows tinted in Oregon City, and they met me at Starbucks on their way to Washington Square afterwards. I gave my Mom her birthday present then, which was a pair of earrings, and she wore them to dinner--they looked really nice!
Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


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