Goodbye February, Welcome March

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The inspection took place today, and I was a bit overwhelmed upon receiving the long list of updates our house is required to undertake. Many of the things are simple, others are complicated. Some of it we may be able to do ourselves, which would be much cheaper. The septic tank is another story. Turns out it is under the addition built in the mid-nineties. If we are lucky, it is already decommissioned, or was removed at the time. If we are very unlucky, it will have to be decommissioned. Just having it located will be $150.00 to start with. I'm going to plug away at this whole nightmare we are undergoing with legalizing the addition during the day while Landon is at work--at least one of us is home to deal with the inspectors & subcontractors. Sooner or later, this house will be legalized, and the ongoing painting & trim projects will be finished & our house will be ready for the market. Wish that day was already here...Karli Posted by Picasa


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