Back to Work for Landon!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Landon is feeling so much better today--both mentally and physically. In fact, he went back to work, and held up pretty well all day long, other than experiencing some chills. Hopefully with some more rest this evening, he'll pull through more quickly than Samuel did. Samuel didn't eat any food for about 6 days--just water & breastmilk. Landon seems to be doing much better than that. Also, Samuel vomitted for 6 days, and Landon only did one time yesterday. So, hopefully Landon has a lesser version of this virus Samuel picked up.

Samuel & I went shopping today. I had Gymbucks to spend, so I got him some summer clothes, then went to get him another pair of shoes. He went from size 6 to 7's in two weeks. That's the last time I'll get him a size that isn't big on him! I bought so his shoes had just a centimeter to go, but he's just growing too fast. I can't believe he is not even 14 months yet and wearing size 7's! We have him in See Kai Run shoes, which are great, because they have a flexible sole, are baby foot friendly, and have soft leather, which are comfortable for baby's feet. I picked out the Oz style again, and they are super cute!


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