An Afternoon Downtown

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Landon worked all morning on the floorboards in the bathroom-they look much better than the old ones! It was something he was interested in learning how to do, and putting up new ones was an improvement, so it was a profitable project both in learning & improvement to the house.

It was such a beautiful day that after he was finished (around 1:30pm), we headed down to the waterfront to walk around. There was a peace rally going on down there, and about 9-10K people walked from the waterfront through downtown, over to Pioneer Square, and back to the waterfront. All the streets were blocked off, and we trailed along in the back. Then, we rode the tram over to NW 23rd and had dinner at Typhoon!, which was delicious. Once again, Samuel was a very good boy, although there was more rice on the table & floor than I think he actually got into his mouth.

After that, we walked to Everyday Music. Samuel had fallen asleep, so we shopped for some new CD's, then walked to Powell's to get Samuel a few new books. He woke up in the board book section, and was so happy to find himself surrounded by lots of books, tables, chairs, and other kids. He had a great time. I bought an iced decaf vanilla latte & Landon had a juice drink, and we sat & picked out some new books for Samuel. Then, we rode the tram back to our car at the waterfront, then drove home. It was a long day, but a fun & adventurous one! It wasn't long after we all 3 arrived home that we were fast asleep.


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