Vive la France!

Friday, March 31, 2006

I have some comments to make about what is going on in Paris, known as "the casseur phenomenon." These "casseurs" or "smashers" attach themselves to peaceful protests within Paris regarding the new labor law to express their rage at the police. Anarchists. To most people, all of Paris looks like mayhem because 1500 casseurs rage through the city trying to usurp the police force. One officer was critically wounded when a firecracker exploded in his face that a casseur threw at him. Many civilians are being violently attacked & looted, storefront windows are being smashed & vandalized, and these casseurs are using their cell phones to more quickly assemble and plan attacks in a more organized manner (Click here for article).

This reminds me of some recent peaceful protests that have taken place in Portland. Great rallies that are peaceful in nature, but a handful of casseurs show up to reap havoc on the police force, and guess who shows up on the 5 o'clock news--the casseurs. And, they accomplish nothing but violent atrocities. In my opinion, though, their greatest atrocity is that they diminish the voice of the peace rally. What the youth of Paris are currently standing up for is important. If this law is passed, it will encourage employers to hire youths of under 26 years of age with the luxury of being able to legally fire them without cause in the first two years of their employment. Sometimes, I have to wonder if we are actually progressing as a civilization when we take two steps back for every one step forward.

Here's to the protestors in Paris! May your voice not be diminished by the violent acts of the casseurs.


What about Africa?

We watched The Constant Gardner last night--excellent film! The cinemetagraphy was amazing. The film made me think about the enormity of human suffering in Africa. This morning, there was a front-page article in The NY Times about a medical condition called trachoma that causes a tremendous amount of suffering on many levels to African families--particularly women. Click here for a link to the article.

Mommy Lesson #367-Don't Let a 14-month-old miss a nap.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

After meeting Andrea & Heather at Peanut Butter & Ellie's for coffee & lunch (Samuel had a blast!), I headed home to get Samuel down for a much-needed nap. He always goes down at around 9:30 or 10am for a morning nap, but this morning, after trying to get him to sleep for 45 minutes, I gave up, and we left for PB & E's. By the time we came home, Samuel was very tired, and I expected him to sleep for about 3 hours to make up for his lost morning nap, but after 45 minutes, he was awake and ready to play again. I knew he had not slept long enough, but what I did not know was exactly how a sleep-deprived 14-month-old would look like. Well, it looks like this: anything he could throw, hit, or tip over, he proceeded to do so. When I tried to remove him from whatever it was he was trying to knock over, he proceeded to take his sippy cup, screw the lid off, and throw the milk all over the living room. After I removed him from that situation and verbally scolded him, he proceeded to throw himself backwards, bumping his head on the floor and kicked his feet and screamed in shrill, simultaneous, ear-splitting screams for 20 minutes. I gave up trying to ignore him, and carried him to the bedroom, as he kicked, screamed, and slapped his hands back and forth in frustration, to try to get him down for a nap. No such luck. After 30 minutes, I realized that it was too late to put him down for a nap if I didn't want to risk delaying his bedtime. So, there was more screaming, more kicking, throwing, tipping, and slapping. We are in transition from babyhood to toddlerhood right now--let the fun begin! Landon and I have a whole new set of parenting skills to learn--here we go!
Karli--a Mommy in training

Back to Work for Landon!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Landon is feeling so much better today--both mentally and physically. In fact, he went back to work, and held up pretty well all day long, other than experiencing some chills. Hopefully with some more rest this evening, he'll pull through more quickly than Samuel did. Samuel didn't eat any food for about 6 days--just water & breastmilk. Landon seems to be doing much better than that. Also, Samuel vomitted for 6 days, and Landon only did one time yesterday. So, hopefully Landon has a lesser version of this virus Samuel picked up.

Samuel & I went shopping today. I had Gymbucks to spend, so I got him some summer clothes, then went to get him another pair of shoes. He went from size 6 to 7's in two weeks. That's the last time I'll get him a size that isn't big on him! I bought so his shoes had just a centimeter to go, but he's just growing too fast. I can't believe he is not even 14 months yet and wearing size 7's! We have him in See Kai Run shoes, which are great, because they have a flexible sole, are baby foot friendly, and have soft leather, which are comfortable for baby's feet. I picked out the Oz style again, and they are super cute!

Are we patients or customers?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today was quite possibly the worst morning of Landon's life. He woke up incredibly sick to his stomach. He was mentally upset, thinking he was sick due to having ulcerative colitis. He called in sick to work, then the doctor's office called (I had called last night when Landon was doing so poorly, and the on-call physician I talked to let the office know they needed to call us first thing to make an appointment). I was irrate by the time I hung up the phone with the scheduler who called. They were asking detailed questions about Landon's history with UC ranging from questions about the day he was diagnosed to his symptoms of UC over the course of the past month. I wanted to scream at the scheduler to pull his chart, but when I questioned him about why he needed all this information, he said he had to ask these questions for the on-call physician. Nice answer. Way to make it easier for the doctor (not having to pull a chart), and more difficult on the patient. Anyway, after waiting all day, the scheduler called back and said that the doctor recommended rest & lots of fluids. Whatever. Some service! We didn't care, though, because by this time, we had realized that Landon's symptoms weren't from the ulcerative colitis after all, and that he probably had the virus Samuel was fighting for the past week. Whew, in a way, that was a relief to realize, because Landon was getting really upset with the thought that he might be experiencing a whole slough of new symptoms he didn't realize would be part of having this disease. It was so overwhelming until he was able to separate yesterday & today's illness from his ulcerative colitis. Once he did that, he realized that his ulcerative colitis symptoms were getting much better (heading into remission once again), while this current bout of nausea, vomiting, hot/cold flashes, and weakness were related to Samuel's virus. I'm just glad the answer came to us, because the doctor's office was no help at all today, unfortunately. I've just about had it with corporate health care!

Going Downhill

Monday, March 27, 2006

Samuel's appetite came back today bit by bit. He started off by eating a little, then by the time evening rolled around, he was eating non-stop. Thank-goodness! So, Samuel seems to have returned to the status of healthy again.

On the other hand, Landon isn't doing so good. He came home from work today not feeling well at all, and is overwhelmed by his ulcerative colitis, not knowing the extent to which his life might be different. He laid down all evening, and by the end of the night, didn't even have the strength to sit up.

Baby Shower for Laurie

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I went to Laurie's baby shower this afternoon, and she got a lot of really nice outfits & necessities for her little girl that is due at the beginning of May--just a week before Mother's Day! Congratulations, Damien & Laurie!

Landon stayed home with Samuel. He still has diarrhea, because he has only exclusively breastfed for the past five days. So, his diapers resemble his newborn diapers. He vomitted once this morning, but not since. He seems to have a lot more energy today, so hopefully this is the last day of it.

Landon is feeling much better today as well!


Vomiting Baby

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Today was a long day for me! First of all, after staying in all morning so Landon could rest & Samuel could take his nap, we decided to venture out in the afternoon for a walk in a SE neighborhood. Well, we stopped at Wild Oats for something to eat (for me), and Samuel projectile vomited all over by the deli department. It was all over his stroller, his coat, clothes, diaper bag--everywhere! I quickly cleaned up the best I could & changed Samuel, then we went back home. It went from sunny to a downpour during this time, anyway, so a walk would have been out of the question.

When we got home, I started laundry, then I met Mike & Susan's dining group at Lemmon Leaf Thai Cuisine in SE. Landon stayed home with Samuel. Miriam, Mark, Sylvia, Gay, Miriam's parents, and Mike & Susan were there. I talked mostly to Miriam & Mark, and the food was really good. After that, we went to the Dean's for dessert. I only stayed an hour, then I headed down to Kell's to meet Colleen and her friend Erica to see The Clumsy Lovers play. I only stayed until 11, then took off. I was worried about Samuel. When I got home, I took this picture. There was nothing for me to worry about after all--he was sound asleep! Karli

Day at Home

Friday, March 24, 2006

I stayed home all day today with Samuel. He threw up once, and still has diarrhea, but he's doing much better, and starting to eat a little more. I made chicken/pasta soup tonight with rolls--something easy to digest for Landon.

Later in the evening, Landon and I watched an hour of a documentary on Enron, which was pretty interesting. We were both ready to crash by 11pm.

Magnolia Blossoms

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I was so tired this morning after being up night before last and all day yesterday w/ Samuel. He only woke up about 3 times last night, which was great--because, we both needed the sleep! I slept so hard last night that I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, but I did! The plumber called at 8am to say he'd be here by 9am. This is part of the ongoing legalization of our house. The inspector wants us to fix some of the plumbing. It really does suck to have to rectify someone else's errors. But, whatever--soon, the addition will be legalized, and we'll have our house on the market and move on to another property--a house that hopefully we can stay in for 5 to 10 years.

I've been checking the RMLS daily, and it's encouraging this time around, because we'll actually be able to afford a bigger house in a better neighborhood. Last time we were looking, it was really depressing, because we were looking at beat-up rentals & run-down fixer properties. This time, I can actually tell our realtor--no ranches, split-levels, or rentals! I'm interested mostly in bungalows, four-squares, cape-cods, and cottages. We're looking at close-in neighborhoods; that is, close to the river or to I-5.

The above picture is of a blossom on my magnolia tree. I'll be sad to leave this one behind, but there will always be more plants. My biggest fear is that whoever buys our house won't be a gardner, or worse yet, will bulldoze our garden for other ideas. The first thing new home owners like to do is make changes so they feel like the property is theirs. I just hope the new owners of this property take care of our garden!


Rock Hard Times

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Samuel is sick again! Landon had put him to bed at 8pm, and at 9:30, we checked on him, and he had thrown up all over & was laying in it. He proceeded to throw up every 20 to 30 minutes all night long, and has thrown up only twice today. He also has diarrhea, and it got all over the carpet. It is so runny it runs down his legs, poor guy, so lots of baths. He slept for about 6 hours today, but now he is doing better.

Landon had to go back to the dosage of medication that he was on in the beginning. They had decreased it last week. He's back to about 3 bad ones a day. They told him to cut out coffee & fruits/vegetables again. He also ordered a couple of books that he's hoping will give him additional information on ulcerative colitis.

Well, Landon is making spaghetti & meatballs. We're both hoping we don't catch this bug. Right now, I'm definitely fighting it. I just want to lay down, but it could also be that I'm run down from being up all night. Landon slept in the living room and got a good night of sleep. I did sleep a couple of hours this afternoon with Samuel.

Tomorrow night, I'm supposed to go to Dosha w/ Sharla & the other bridesmaids for a bridal event. I may not be able to go if Samuel is still sick. Tonight I was supposed to meet my friend Jen for dinner at Bridgeport, but obviously, I had to cancel that.

On a more positive note, I'm so happy that spring has finally arrived. The above pictures shows our corkscrew willow with new growth emerging. Our plum tree is also in full bloom.

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First Day of Spring

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When I think of spring, I think of showers, then sun breaks--today was just like that, which is perfect, since today is the first day of spring, and I am sure glad to see winter go & spring arrive!

Samuel & I were out & about in the Ladd's Addition neighborhood in SE looking at houses for sale. It was a nice walk, and we made it back to the car just before a shower came through. Samuel got a new pair of See Kai Run shoes. They are orange, and he was smiling and walking proudly around in the store. Samuel loves his socks & shoes. Most of the time, he'll run & bring them to me when I ask him to go get his socks & shoes. We keep them in a basket next to his crib. Even though we bought size 5 a couple of months ago on the big side, they are already too tight, so he's on to size 6 now. He's a growing boy!

An estimator from NW gutters came by this morning to do an estimate. Big sections of our gutters have roughted through, so we are replacing them before we put the house on the market. All 4 downspouts are broken as well. Ahh, the joys of being a homeowner.

Tryon State Park

Monday, March 20, 2006

Samuel and I went for a walk today with Sarah & Ben at Tryon State Park. It was a sunny day--blue skies--and made for an enjoyable walk. Ben is about a week younger than Samuel, and they smiled & reached out for each other and traded snacks during the walk. Samuel signed bird over and over again when he heard them chirping. Once, he even signed bird when he saw a squirrel. He was fascinated by a deer in the visitor's center. He didn't know it wasn't alive, and was excited by how close he could get to it. Outside the visitor's center, there was a puppy that really liked Samuel, and he reached out to pet it.

Later in the day, we visited Laurie, who is due in 6-7 weeks. Time sure flies by quickly!


An Afternoon Downtown

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Landon worked all morning on the floorboards in the bathroom-they look much better than the old ones! It was something he was interested in learning how to do, and putting up new ones was an improvement, so it was a profitable project both in learning & improvement to the house.

It was such a beautiful day that after he was finished (around 1:30pm), we headed down to the waterfront to walk around. There was a peace rally going on down there, and about 9-10K people walked from the waterfront through downtown, over to Pioneer Square, and back to the waterfront. All the streets were blocked off, and we trailed along in the back. Then, we rode the tram over to NW 23rd and had dinner at Typhoon!, which was delicious. Once again, Samuel was a very good boy, although there was more rice on the table & floor than I think he actually got into his mouth.

After that, we walked to Everyday Music. Samuel had fallen asleep, so we shopped for some new CD's, then walked to Powell's to get Samuel a few new books. He woke up in the board book section, and was so happy to find himself surrounded by lots of books, tables, chairs, and other kids. He had a great time. I bought an iced decaf vanilla latte & Landon had a juice drink, and we sat & picked out some new books for Samuel. Then, we rode the tram back to our car at the waterfront, then drove home. It was a long day, but a fun & adventurous one! It wasn't long after we all 3 arrived home that we were fast asleep.

Verekai--Cirque du Soleil!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Landon worked all morning on finishing up the touch-up painting on the floorboards in the living room & hallway. Whew, glad to be finished with the living room/hallway projects at last! They look great--thanks, Landon! In the afternoon, we dropped Samuel off at Tim, Heather, & Logan's and headed down to the SW waterfront to see Verekai--Cirque du Soleil. It was amazing! What a great show! I would recommend it to anyone!

Afterwards, we came home & Landon made some delicious pesto with sausage for dinner. Samuel went to bed (he did great with Logan, by the way!--thank-you, Heather & Tim!), then we watched an Alias episode before heading to bed ourselves. Long, but fun, day!
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Happy Birthday to Mom & Susan!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Birthdays to my Mom & Susan! Landon, Samuel, and I were in McMinnville tonight celebrating my Mom's birthday at Ruby Tuesdays with the whole family (except Tracy & Mike--Tracy was in LA for a cheerleading competition w/ her niece). It was a fun night. One thing that was sort of weird, though, was that two different waiters were serving our table, and they split it in half. For some reason, half of the table was served & finished eating by the time the other half of the table was served.

Earlier that day, my Mom & Dad were in Portland to get my Dad's SUV windows tinted in Oregon City, and they met me at Starbucks on their way to Washington Square afterwards. I gave my Mom her birthday present then, which was a pair of earrings, and she wore them to dinner--they looked really nice!
Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


Thursday, March 16, 2006
Landon and I are going to Cirque du Soleil on Saturday with his parents, and I really needed a babysitter, but as it turns out, Heather called me yesterday to see if I could babysit Logan today, which is great, because then we can exchange babysititng, and she'll watch Samuel on Saturday while we're at the circus. So, after Samuel's nap, we're off to babysit Logan.

I'm so tired again today! Yesterday I had some sort of weird migraine that was painless, but my vision became blurred & I couldn't see clearly for about two hours. It was really scary! I had a dull ache behind my eyes, but it wasn't really painful. I really need to get some more sleep. I think I'm going to try to slow the pace down a bit in the next couple of weeks.

Looking at Real Estate

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Samuel and I spent most of the afternoon looking at real estate again--basically, I compiled a list of addresses and we drove around and looked at them all. A couple of times, we got out and went for walks in the neighborhoods to get a better feel for them. We're looking at close-in SE (Brooklyn, Sellwood, Clinton), and close-in SW (Terwilliger, Lair Hill, OHSU, Corbett). The prospect of selling/buying/moving is exciting & stressful at the same time--but at this point, mostly exciting.

It's already mid-March--where is time going?


Busy, busy, busy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Samuel and I ran around today looking at real estate. I called our broker to get the ball rolling on getting preapproved. Our realtor ran a comp report to see what our house can be sold for. All in all, today was a productive day!

Oh, someone came out to look at our fireplace as well--turns out we only need to replace the damper to get it in working condition again. We probably won't fix it if we are going to sell, but it's good to know our fireplace is in great condition otherwise.

Rain Returns

Monday, March 13, 2006
The rain has returned. I spent most of the afternoon today down at the building department (after I spent most of the morning running errands) squaring away the information regarding our septic tank. Finally, they signed off on it, then Samuel and I drove to Gay's to pick up some of her phlox bulbs. Samuel slept in the car while I dug them up, then we left, and came home & planted the bulbs in the ground. I'll probably dig them up and put some of them into pots since we're probably going to sell this year.

By the end of the day, I was soooo tired--what a long day!

Gardening: Hoeing, Pulling, Digging, Planting

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Early this morning, Landon, Samuel, and I went to Lowe's to get supplies for Landon to trim out the hallway. While he was doing this, Samuel took his morning nap, then we left for Starbucks to meet my friend Jen & baby Nicholas for an hour to stay out of Landon's way (he was cutting floorboards & doing lots of nailing). When we got back, Landon was finished cutting & nailing, and was working on the caulking.

For the next couple of hours, Samuel and I went outside and I pulled a fair amount of weeds (gotta get a head start on those suckers before the warm spring rains hit). The garden looks great--big improvement! I even turned over the mulch, so it looks dark & fresh. Then, I planted three rows (50 corms) of Liatris spicata (gayfeather). They may not bloom until next year, but someone will appreciate them (hopefully) some day.

The house projects continue, but I'm starting to feel excited, because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. At this point, we just have to finish our bedroom & the master bath. Meanwhile, I'm in the process of getting the work completed & hired out for our reinspection in a few weeks. The septic tank issue was rectified on Friday--it isn't there, hence, issue solved! Now, this week I'll get a plumber out here to take care of the plumbing issues the city needs us to update/correct, then the last weekend of March, Mike & Landon will do the electrical updates/corrections. So, we're almost there--just a matter of getting the work completed.

On another note, I can't get it out of my head that I really want a rectangular window above our bed. This would brighten up our room by letting in the eastern sun, and maybe visually expand our room. Of course, this is silly if we're going to be moving, but we very well may be here another year. Inventory is still low on the market, so there isn't a lot to choose from. Then again, if the right house comes our way, we could make an offer as soon as May.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to see some Liatris shoots spring forth in the next couple of weeks.

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Working with Paint--Violet Powder, Ladybug Red, Rope, and Ceiling White by Martha Stewart

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I painted for four hours today, and my shoulders are stiff. I painted the bathroom ceiling, did detail work in the bathroom, put a second coat of paint on two bedroom walls, a second coat of paint on the accent wall in the bedroom, and also did detail work in the bedroom. Slowly, but surely. Oh, how the work in our house drags on and on!

Landon took Samuel to the park and the fish store today so I could get in some uninterrupted painting time (oh, the joys of life). Our aquarium looks wonderful with lots of new plants & a new light. The algae is now almost gone thanks to Landon scraping the sides, and it will remain under control with a fertilizer he bought for the plants. Everything needs to be in balance for a healthy aquarium, and lately, the algae had completely taken over.

Tomorrow, I plan to do some painting, but most importantly, I want the trim up in the hallway tomorrow, so Landon is going to start the day off with a trip to Lowe's, then hopefully will get it cut & put into place. My primary job tomorrow is going to keep Samuel preoccupied (probably by physically leaving our house) so he doesn't get in Landon's way.

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Ladybug Red on Hardwoods

Friday, March 10, 2006

The snow melted today. This picture was actually taken yesterday during the March snow storm. It was fun to have it around for a day, especially since the temperatures didn't drop below freezing. I was glad to see the snow came and went without harming the newly budding perennials around our property. The first winter freeze already damaged some of the first buds, which means some of the leaves have brown fringes. They'll recover, though. Maybe I won't even notice in another six weeks once the foliage has really taken off.

Well, today was a busy day! I had to run to Sherwin-Williams again for more paint & supplies. Two things worth mentioning happened today--first of all, we had our yard probed for the septic tank the city wants us to decommission. Their records state we are still hooked up to septic, and there is no record of it being decommissioned. Turns out the septic tank would be under the house, since an addition was built in the mid-nineties. Luckily, the tank isn't there! It is no where to be found, so we are going to put a copy of the invoice from the septic company on file with the building department so their records can be updated. It cost $150.00 for the probe, but that is a hell of a lot cheaper than the thousands it would have cost to decommission a tank underneath a house with only 18 inches of work space. That isn't even enough to get a shovel under there. Yikes--we got lucky on that one! I'm so relieved to have the septic issue cleared up. Big stress reliever!

The second thing worth mentioning is that when I was in the bedroom today getting dressed, I heard a bang, and ran into the living room to find Samuel sitting in the middle of a gallon of spilt ladybug red paint. This was a brand new gallon I had just purchased from Sherwin-Williams, but Samuel found a way to crawl up to the counter and pull it down from the table, which popped the lid. Bright red paint was seaping all over our hardwood floors (luckily it wasn't on the carpet), and Samuel was sitting in the middle of the puddle crying. I had to run him to the bath tub before I could clean up the mess. Can you imagine him running through the house leaving red hand and footprints everywhere? The water in the tub instantly turned red. He was covered with paint. I had put him in the tub fully clothed, and attempted to remove his clothes & diaper without dripping red paint all over the place. Finally, Samuel was washed, dried & dressed. I put him in his highchair and he watched me clean up the mess. I went through two packs of wet wipes, and by cupping my hands put handful after handful of red paint into a white plastic garbage bag. Then, I carried the bag to the curb and put it on top of the already overflowing garbage can (today was garbage day). Then, I looked at the bag, and it seriously looked like I had committed a murder--bright red paint filled this bag. I could only hope the garbage truck drivers didn't report me to the police. Sometimes, I have to admit that my days with a one year old are more interesting than most fiction on the market.

When it was all cleaned up, Samuel went down for a nap, and I tried my best to relax my jittery nerves. Despite the lost paint, I think I'll still have enough ladybug red to finish up the bedroom wall. Luckily, that was a color of which I had an ample supply.

I can't believe it is already March 10th! 2006 is already flying by with lightning speed!

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March Snow

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Something wrong with this picture? Yes! Daffodils in full bloom with four inches of snow on the ground--unexpected and unusual! It made for an exciting Thursday morning at our house. Landon woke me up at 5:30am to tell me our power was out & there was lots of snow on the ground. Well, our power didn't come back on until 10am, and by that time, it was 60 degrees in our house--brrrr! Samuel and I kept moving all morning to keep warm, and were bundled up. I sure wished our fireplace was in working condition on a morning like today! The best part about this morning was when I called our neighbors to find out if they had any idea when our power would be reconnected, and they offered to make a Starbucks run (no, I did not suggest it!), so I actually had a triple grande cinnamon dolce latte delivered hot to my door at 6:30am this morning. Landon ordered a grande house coffee--plain & simple. Today was his first day going back on coffee--so, somehow in the midst of an unusual morning, some things returned to the usual--Landon's drinking coffee again!

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Onions and Painting Tools

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I know the onion bulb is obviously edible, but what about the plant that grows from the bulb? If anyone knows the answer to this, post away!

I've been doing lots of painting, and today discovered a quick & easy way to do the edging. There's actually a tool for it! I've been laboring away for hours on end trying to do the edging by hand. My hands cramp up from holding the paintbrush so steadily, and no matter how much I try, I still make mistakes, and end up going back and forth with the trim color & the wall color until I finally get it just about perfect. Landon's work is "machine-perfect," to quote him, and mine is far from that, but still pretty good--it just takes hours! With this square plastic tool (with wheels on the edge of it for running along the ceiling), I was able to finish trimming our hallway in five minutes. By hand, that would have taken me about three or four hours. There are still a couple of mistakes where the wall color ran up on the ceiling--the tool can't work properly when the drywall job isn't flat, and ours is far from that--but, it's much quicker, and I'm all about time efficiency. What makes my life easier makes me very happy. From now on, I'm of the opinion that painting accessories are definitely worth their weight in gold! Karli Posted by Picasa

Things Get Better

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What a positive sign! Landon is responding super well to the medications he is on, and is feeling much better physically and emotionally. This has been such a roller coaster of a week. I'm so relieved that Landon is doing so much better. The sooner this goes into remission, the better, and we're both hoping that he won't ever have to experience what he went through this week again--hopefully the medication will prevent that.

The house drama continues to unfold, and to be honest, things are looking like they might not be as complicated as we originally thought to legalize the addition.

Oh, I almost forgot--Landon has implemented a bedtime routine for Samuel, and it is having some positive affects on his sleep cycles! He is sleeping longer & deeper. He still wakes two or three times a night, but is getting two four hour sleep cycles in. Not only that, but his bedtime is getting earlier & earlier with this bedtime routine. He started going to bed at 9pm, but now it is down to 8pm. He gets up in the morning at 7:15am, and goes down for naps at 10am and 2pm. I'm determined to stick to this schedule Samuel has set for himself. I think at this point, consistency & routine is good for Samuel (and Landon and I!).

Well, we're about to watch Walk the Line.
What a week this has been!

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Official Diagnosis

Monday, March 06, 2006

Today we got the official diagnosis on Landon's condition, so we are moving forward with treatment & looking forward to seeing some improvement. We're hoping with medication that it will stay in remission once we get through his current flare-up, and hopefully stay that way. It will be a life-long condition/treatment. I feel so bad for Landon--all I can do is be supportive--but, I wish I could wave a wand and make it all go away.

We left Samuel this afternoon with a Mom in my playgroup, Sarah, and her son Ben, who is only a week younger than Samuel. They had a great time playing, and both were ready for a nap by the time I picked Samuel up! It's nice to have another source for babysitting!

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My Boys

Sunday, March 05, 2006

We spent another day focusing on Landon getting better. His appetite was better today, and he ate more than he has in a week. Another day of small improvements. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon to get the biopsy results back, and Landon will hopefully get a prescription for a medication that will greatly improve his condition.

My Dad is in the hospital again--I visited him today, and thought he looked pretty good, and seemed to be in good spirits, although he looked uncomfortable from the 30lbs. of fluid that has accumulated around his abdomen. Hopefully the albumin will help drain off some of that fluid, and the steroids will kick in and help his kidneys function normally.

I hope my Dad & Landon are feeling much better very soon! Posted by Picasa

Slight Improvements

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Landon and I watched a lot of Alias & Lost episodes today. Landon spent most of today resting & focusing on getting better. The medication continues to help Landon get better in subtle ways. By Monday, we'll know exactly what we're dealing with and he'll get a medication that will hopefully quickly help him feel better. Right now, I feel so bad for him. It makes me so incredibly sad to see him this run down. In sickness & in health--I just want my husband to be better really soon. Whatever it takes--I hope he gets there in a big hurry. Karli Posted by Picasa

What a Week it has Been

Friday, March 03, 2006

We spent almost all day today at Landon's parents house so Landon could rest while getting his mind off of the news we received yesterday. Landon's dad made chicken dumplings for lunch & a mild dinner as well. We watched a lot of TV & a movie while Landon rested. When Samuel was taking a nap, I drove down the street for an hour to read my In Vogue magazine while listening to my ipod in an attempt to improve my mood. I was feeling really irritated and depressed over all the stress of late. It was encouraging, on a positive note, though, because Landon seemed to be just slightly better today. The light dose of medication seems to be helping just a little, for which we are feeling encouraged.

What a week this has been.
Monday--All day at BDS.
Tuesday--Met with inspector. Spent evening at urgent care.
Wednesday--Inspection--were given a list of things to update in our house. Call put in to septic service company regarding our septic tank that needs to be decommissioned. Spent evening in ER--didn't get home until 2:30am.
Thursday--Spent all day at doctor's office. Received bad news regarding Landon's health.
Friday--Summary above--what a week it was.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wow...a lot of today was spent at the doctor's office. Landon is dealing with some health problems right now. Today was an emotionally draining day. Sorting through the news was tough. It made us realize how much we take our health for granted. Gay watched Samuel for four hours, which was a huge help to us. For the rest of the night, we just took it easy at home so Landon could rest. Posted by Picasa

Goodbye February, Welcome March

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The inspection took place today, and I was a bit overwhelmed upon receiving the long list of updates our house is required to undertake. Many of the things are simple, others are complicated. Some of it we may be able to do ourselves, which would be much cheaper. The septic tank is another story. Turns out it is under the addition built in the mid-nineties. If we are lucky, it is already decommissioned, or was removed at the time. If we are very unlucky, it will have to be decommissioned. Just having it located will be $150.00 to start with. I'm going to plug away at this whole nightmare we are undergoing with legalizing the addition during the day while Landon is at work--at least one of us is home to deal with the inspectors & subcontractors. Sooner or later, this house will be legalized, and the ongoing painting & trim projects will be finished & our house will be ready for the market. Wish that day was already here...Karli Posted by Picasa
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