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Monday, February 06, 2006

The best part about today is shown in the above picture. One of the moms, Rosalina, from my playgroup surprised me by stopping by early this afternoon with some Indian food & a half-gallon of cranberry lemonade from Trader Joe's. So nice & thoughtful of her. It was just what I needed after two long days & nights with Samuel. It brought a tear to my eye!

Let me ramble on about today:

I took Samuel to see his Pediatrician this afternoon. The nurse drew blood from his little left arm--it was the first time they did this--and it was hard to watch. Samuel cried, and they had to hold him down, but I stood there and comforted him. They taped a plastic bag in place of his diaper to obtain a urine sample. They did this before they drew the blood, since babies tend to go when they feel pain. And, he did! His bloodwork showed count elevations for a viral infection. The pediatrician also noticed that he has a sore throat. She said lots of kids have been coming through with high fevers and sore throats. I think Samuel is over the worst of it by now, but she wrote us a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine to help him feel better. He slept 3 hours after the doctor's appointment after taking the first dose. I don't think I will give him any more unless he really shows signs of needing it. I think plain old Tylenol should be okay! On top of all this, I think he is teething, which only adds to his discomfort.

I ended the night (after dinner) by going to Starbucks for an hour to try to finish In the Time of Butterflies for the book-club tomorrow night. I'm supposed to make a Caribbean chicken dish as well (the book is set in the Dominican Republic), so tomorrow is looking to be busy already.

The weather today made me feel happy!
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