Restful Day

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Today was a really nice & restful day! We left the house late-morning, and spent all afternoon in the Pearl & NW 23rd area. It was a fun day. We got Japanese take-out and ate it in the park. Samuel loved walking around at the park and watching the dogs. He laughed & laughed watching a lab run over and over after a ball its owner threw. Everything is so new to Samuel and it is really fun to watch him experience so many things for the very first time. Landon and I both agree that this is going to be an exciting summer for Samuel (and us)!

Another interesting thing we did today was tour two condos for sale in the Goosehollow neighborhood. Wow, were they nice! So much character. It would be great to have an urban residence, just a few paces from coffee shops, shopping, grocery stores, and parks. Another option (or fantasy) for us to consider when we look at moving this year!

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