Feeling Hopeful

Monday, February 20, 2006

I took Gay to have her wisdom tooth extracted today, which took about four hours. They put her completely out. We waited about an hour before they took her back, and during her procedure, I filled a prescription for her and read The NY Times at a nearby Starbucks. Afterwards, I stopped by Safeway on the way back to her house to get her some soup, potatoes, and pudding so she has some things she can eat for the next few days. She had a white bandage all around her face, and gauze stuck in her mouth so she couldn't talk. She has pain medication and antibiotics for the jaw infection, and hopefully, she will be feeling much better by tomorrow.

By the time I got home, it was about 5pm, and Landon had made a delicious chicken soup with dumplings. I cleaned for the rest of the night, doing laundry, dishes, scrubbing the tub, which desperately needed it, and watched the rest of Proof (Gwyneth Paltrow & Anthony Hopkins), which was pretty good! My Dad is back home feeling better tonight, and he and my Mom are catching up on rest after not getting much sleep after two days in the hospital. I don't have anything to be stressed or sad about tonight--everything seems to be looking hopeful right now. I hope my Dad only continues to get better!

We had some snow flurries tonight, which is amazing for this time of the year. It is still frigid outdoors with bright, blue, and sunny skies. My outdoor plants continue to wither. :(
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