Dreaming about Living Abroad

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

International real estate--I was up until 3am last night dreaming of the possibilities after reading an article in The NY Times. I have been looking at 100-year old farmhouses on rural properties on Cape Breton Island overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence or the Indian Ocean for under 25K Canadian dollars. Amazing! I actually found an ocean front property in decent condition for 12K Canadian! I also checked out real estate in the UK. The above hyperlink takes you to the website where you can explore real estate in many different countries. Most of the MLS#'s have pictures as well, so even if purchasing international real estate does not interest you, seeing inside & outside pictures of French Chateaux will!

Okay, back to the here & now--Samuel and I went to Omsi today for a couple of hours. One of the moms in our playgroup planned a birthday party there for the February babies. She made cupcakes and brought snacks for moms & babies. It was really nice of her, and meant a lot!

After that, we headed back to SW to babysit Logan. Once again, he slept the entire time!

Tomorrow my Dad is having his kidney biopsy. I'm still feeling hopeful, but do want them to find out what the problem with his liver & kidneys is so he can get better soon.

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