Code Violation

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
What a busy day I had today! BDS, Dental Appt., Meeting with Contractor, Gymboree, Dinner...lots accomplished today.
I didn't mention, but we have an open permit from a past addition that I was in the process of resolving when the BDS saw on the building plans that our furnace/water heater are located in a half-bath, which is a code violation. So, we brainstormed for a couple of days and came up with a working solution--switching the half-bath & laundry. These plans to resolve the code violation were approved this morning by the BDS. We will basically be switching our laundry and half-bath. Removing the bathroom without replacing it would be costly to the market value of the home. The water heater/furnace can stay where they are if we convert that space into a utility room--by utilizing the space in the dead-end hallway, we will have a nice, roomy laundry/utility/storage room. We will expand the current laundry closet by another foot or so and add a half-bath (in our hallway location). We have a contractor that can do all the work himself--a friend of a friend. He is putting an estimate together now, and we'll hear back in a couple of days. The home-projects never end around here.
It was quite a shock to find out from the BDS that we had a code violation that we had to fix--especially since they shouldn't have even been looking on that part of the house. But, now that they know about it, we have to fix it. Not to mention, we bought this house without knowing there were open permits (still not sure who dropped the ball on that one--the title company?), and we still have to legalize a past addition after we have this work done on the bathroom/laundry facility. Lots of hoops to jump through before we put this house on the market. This will all hopefully pay off, though, when we sell.


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