BDS Nightmare

Monday, February 27, 2006

Know what BDS stands for? Yes, you're right--Building Department Svcs. Services? Ha! They should call it BDN for Building Department NIGHTMARE! Should I retell the whole ordeal? I'm so tired right now I don't know if I can muster up the energy. Let me take another sip of my wine and attempt to recreate the stress for you.

After waiting for over an hour while chasing Samuel in and out of cubicles or trying to restrain him in the stroller while he screamed hysterically, one of the kind staff members at BDS finally called my name, then five minutes later asked to see my other two copies of my building plans, of which I had only one. He said I needed to go home and get them. About the time he told me this, Samuel pooped his diaper, and was stinking up the office, so I took Samuel, drove home, changed Samuel, laid him down for a nap on the bed, looked for the other two copies, determined there were no such copies and there never were such copies in my possession, carried Samuel out to the car, and headed back down to BDS with a sleeping Samuel. I paid for parking once again (prior to this it cost 8.00, and no, they don't validate), but this time only paid for an hour and hoped for the best that I'd be out of there by then.

Luckily this time, Samuel was sound asleep (he did not wake up during the transfers--thank goodness--and they were able to see me right away. I had to reexplain everything to a second person because the guy (Pete) who had me run all the way home was at lunch--figures. The second guy determined that it would cost us a total of $939.38 in permit fees for the expired open permits on the addition on our house done during the early to mid-nineties. So, I wrote the check to BDS, drove home, carried Samuel inside (this time he woke up), fed Samuel, called the title company to see if we could get the money back from them, because after all, isn't this what you pay them for? I spent some time on the phone with our contractor, then I called Landon's Dad to fill him in on the whole thing, and talked to Matty a few different times (a friend of ours who is a carpenter/contractor). Finally, the title company called back and let me know that it is not their job to check for open permits on properties--they are only looking for liens against the property. So, we're out the $939.38, and our real estate agent says we'll get that back when we sell, but we won't--unless of course, she is willing to charge a lesser commission--hey, now there's an idea! Then, I called for an inspection of our current addition that we are trying to legalize since it was brought to our attention that it still had an open permit. I was told that I wasn't the hottest item on their agenda for the day (like I thought I was or something--whatever), and to call back when they had more time after 5pm. I just about cried at that point. So, I called and made an appointment for an inspector through their automated system. So now, tomorrow, an inspector is coming to our house in the AM for a consultation. My stomach is in knots over it. What if they make us rip up our walls in order for them to see what they need to see? What if we have to spend thousands more to bring that addition up to code? Stay positive is what Matty told me, and that's what I'm trying to do right now as I head to bed. After all, it would be nice to be able to sleep tonight.

On a lovlier note, aren't my jasmine blossoms pretty in my kitchen window?

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