Arctic Blast

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Boy, has it been cold! My hydrangea buds, blossoms, and tulip shoots are essentially freezer-burned, and I don't know what this means for later growth. Poor things have withered and died. I hope they can rejeuvenate themselves! The cold weather hit hard & quick, not leaving time for me to protect them from the weather.

My Dad is still doing better, and they are planning on discharging him tomorrow if all goes well. I'm feeling so much better about his health (as I think everyone is) since last week. Everyone is breathing easier that it doesn't seem to be cancer, but it is still troubling that the doctors don't have any answers for his liver/kidney problems.

Earlier today we drove to St. Helens to attend a birthday party for the daughter of a friend of mine. She was born five days after Samuel, so they are super close in age. It was a fun party! Samuel had a nice time playing with all of Alexandra's toys. He loves playing with other toys when he gets the chance that are different from the ones he has at home.

Late-night getting groceries this evening. I picked up a couple of things for Gay and ran them up to her, as she is suffering with an impacted wisdom tooth that has progressed to a jaw infection. She is in a lot of pain, and can't open her mouth wide enough to even insert a spoon, so is having to drink liquids, and is feeling weak from the lack of nourishment. She is hoping an oral surgeon can get her in tomorrow, and since they'll have to put her completely out, I offered to take her tomorrow. I hope she is feeling better soon!

In the meantime, stay warm people, and please, do not take a BBQ into your home for warmth--it will kill you! After hearing two different news stories (one local, one national) of folks trying to fire up a BBQ indoors for added warmth--one couple in their nineties lost their lives--I thought I'd post this warning.

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