Feeling Positive

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I met with our inspector today for a consultation, and he is on our side! He was super nice, wants to sign this off with as few inconveniences to us as possible. I'm going to schedule the inspection for either tomorrow or Thursday. I am hopeful that this will all be a distant memory very soon! I'm also feeling rested & relaxed since the inspector left, because Samuel has been asleep for 3 1/2 hours, so I've had some time to myself today, which is just what I needed!
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BDS Nightmare

Monday, February 27, 2006

Know what BDS stands for? Yes, you're right--Building Department Svcs. Services? Ha! They should call it BDN for Building Department NIGHTMARE! Should I retell the whole ordeal? I'm so tired right now I don't know if I can muster up the energy. Let me take another sip of my wine and attempt to recreate the stress for you.

After waiting for over an hour while chasing Samuel in and out of cubicles or trying to restrain him in the stroller while he screamed hysterically, one of the kind staff members at BDS finally called my name, then five minutes later asked to see my other two copies of my building plans, of which I had only one. He said I needed to go home and get them. About the time he told me this, Samuel pooped his diaper, and was stinking up the office, so I took Samuel, drove home, changed Samuel, laid him down for a nap on the bed, looked for the other two copies, determined there were no such copies and there never were such copies in my possession, carried Samuel out to the car, and headed back down to BDS with a sleeping Samuel. I paid for parking once again (prior to this it cost 8.00, and no, they don't validate), but this time only paid for an hour and hoped for the best that I'd be out of there by then.

Luckily this time, Samuel was sound asleep (he did not wake up during the transfers--thank goodness--and they were able to see me right away. I had to reexplain everything to a second person because the guy (Pete) who had me run all the way home was at lunch--figures. The second guy determined that it would cost us a total of $939.38 in permit fees for the expired open permits on the addition on our house done during the early to mid-nineties. So, I wrote the check to BDS, drove home, carried Samuel inside (this time he woke up), fed Samuel, called the title company to see if we could get the money back from them, because after all, isn't this what you pay them for? I spent some time on the phone with our contractor, then I called Landon's Dad to fill him in on the whole thing, and talked to Matty a few different times (a friend of ours who is a carpenter/contractor). Finally, the title company called back and let me know that it is not their job to check for open permits on properties--they are only looking for liens against the property. So, we're out the $939.38, and our real estate agent says we'll get that back when we sell, but we won't--unless of course, she is willing to charge a lesser commission--hey, now there's an idea! Then, I called for an inspection of our current addition that we are trying to legalize since it was brought to our attention that it still had an open permit. I was told that I wasn't the hottest item on their agenda for the day (like I thought I was or something--whatever), and to call back when they had more time after 5pm. I just about cried at that point. So, I called and made an appointment for an inspector through their automated system. So now, tomorrow, an inspector is coming to our house in the AM for a consultation. My stomach is in knots over it. What if they make us rip up our walls in order for them to see what they need to see? What if we have to spend thousands more to bring that addition up to code? Stay positive is what Matty told me, and that's what I'm trying to do right now as I head to bed. After all, it would be nice to be able to sleep tonight.

On a lovlier note, aren't my jasmine blossoms pretty in my kitchen window?

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When Shopping for Cutting Boards, Get the Epicurean

Sunday, February 26, 2006

We purchased an Epicurean cutting board recently, and I love it! Highly recommended not only by myself, but by Martha Stewart as well. Not the first of Martha's products that I love! Her line of Signature Paints at Sherwin-Williams are beautiful! I also invested in a garlic press recently--love that, too!

Tonight, Landon hosted a session at our place. About 8 people came, and it was a pleasant evening with lots of good music! I think everyone had a great time, and Landon's homemade salsa was a big hit!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Landon and I discovered the Overlook neighborhood today in N Portland. Very nice! Overlook Park is fantastic. We'd like to go back soon when Samuel is awake so he can romp around in the park. Wait a second, he doesn't romp yet! Anyway, it would be nice to find affordable real estate in that neighborhood, but you're probably thinking what I'm thinking--Dream On!

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In Support of Community

Friday, February 24, 2006

I decided recently to start having organic produce that is locally grown delivered to our house bi-weekly. I learned recently that it takes 78 calories of fossil fuel to produce 1 calorie of beef protein. One way to support local organic farms, cut down on the wastefulness of transporting food from far away, and to keep money in the local community is to use organizations like Organics to You for your produce, grow some produce in raised beds in your backyard, or shop at your local Farmer's Market during season. In a day and age where local businesses are being overrun by Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer, Starbucks, etc., it is important to support community sustenance in whatever ways we can. I'm trying to go to locally owned coffee shops as much as possible, but I will admit, it is difficult (especially on the west side) when there is a Starbucks at just about every intersection. Another way in which you can support community is to dine at locally owned restaurants instead of chains if possible, because by doing so, you keep money in the community instead of letting it leak out into the corporate world. Just a few thoughts... Posted by Picasa

Surprise Basket

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The one and only time Samuel fell asleep just as I was about to change his diaper. Never again was I so lucky!

Today, Samuel and I took Sharla a basket with wine, pasta, red sauce, bath salts, chocolate, candles, and fruit and left it on her doorstep in celebration of her engagement on Valentine's Day to Sam! It is an exciting time for them, and brings me back to my own engagement, which also happened on Valentine's Day. It is a memorable time for many couples, and we're excited for Sharla that she is engaged!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Stayed in today, catching up on laundry & housework. I read a magnet recently that says, "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life." I'm sure there is some truth to that, but needless to say, I bought a book on housecleaning to help teach me some green cleaning methods as well as to help keep me organized. I don't want to feel like I have chores, but I also feel like if I keep up with certain things (the tub) that it won't be a two hour project when I go to clean.

I finally got all the thank-you cards mailed out from Samuel's party on the 10th, as well as his one-year photos mailed to relatives. It feels good when I get things done that have been hanging over my head. Posted by Picasa

Dreaming about Living Abroad

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

International real estate--I was up until 3am last night dreaming of the possibilities after reading an article in The NY Times. I have been looking at 100-year old farmhouses on rural properties on Cape Breton Island overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence or the Indian Ocean for under 25K Canadian dollars. Amazing! I actually found an ocean front property in decent condition for 12K Canadian! I also checked out real estate in the UK. The above hyperlink takes you to the website where you can explore real estate in many different countries. Most of the MLS#'s have pictures as well, so even if purchasing international real estate does not interest you, seeing inside & outside pictures of French Chateaux will!

Okay, back to the here & now--Samuel and I went to Omsi today for a couple of hours. One of the moms in our playgroup planned a birthday party there for the February babies. She made cupcakes and brought snacks for moms & babies. It was really nice of her, and meant a lot!

After that, we headed back to SW to babysit Logan. Once again, he slept the entire time!

Tomorrow my Dad is having his kidney biopsy. I'm still feeling hopeful, but do want them to find out what the problem with his liver & kidneys is so he can get better soon.

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Feeling Hopeful

Monday, February 20, 2006

I took Gay to have her wisdom tooth extracted today, which took about four hours. They put her completely out. We waited about an hour before they took her back, and during her procedure, I filled a prescription for her and read The NY Times at a nearby Starbucks. Afterwards, I stopped by Safeway on the way back to her house to get her some soup, potatoes, and pudding so she has some things she can eat for the next few days. She had a white bandage all around her face, and gauze stuck in her mouth so she couldn't talk. She has pain medication and antibiotics for the jaw infection, and hopefully, she will be feeling much better by tomorrow.

By the time I got home, it was about 5pm, and Landon had made a delicious chicken soup with dumplings. I cleaned for the rest of the night, doing laundry, dishes, scrubbing the tub, which desperately needed it, and watched the rest of Proof (Gwyneth Paltrow & Anthony Hopkins), which was pretty good! My Dad is back home feeling better tonight, and he and my Mom are catching up on rest after not getting much sleep after two days in the hospital. I don't have anything to be stressed or sad about tonight--everything seems to be looking hopeful right now. I hope my Dad only continues to get better!

We had some snow flurries tonight, which is amazing for this time of the year. It is still frigid outdoors with bright, blue, and sunny skies. My outdoor plants continue to wither. :(
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Arctic Blast

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Boy, has it been cold! My hydrangea buds, blossoms, and tulip shoots are essentially freezer-burned, and I don't know what this means for later growth. Poor things have withered and died. I hope they can rejeuvenate themselves! The cold weather hit hard & quick, not leaving time for me to protect them from the weather.

My Dad is still doing better, and they are planning on discharging him tomorrow if all goes well. I'm feeling so much better about his health (as I think everyone is) since last week. Everyone is breathing easier that it doesn't seem to be cancer, but it is still troubling that the doctors don't have any answers for his liver/kidney problems.

Earlier today we drove to St. Helens to attend a birthday party for the daughter of a friend of mine. She was born five days after Samuel, so they are super close in age. It was a fun party! Samuel had a nice time playing with all of Alexandra's toys. He loves playing with other toys when he gets the chance that are different from the ones he has at home.

Late-night getting groceries this evening. I picked up a couple of things for Gay and ran them up to her, as she is suffering with an impacted wisdom tooth that has progressed to a jaw infection. She is in a lot of pain, and can't open her mouth wide enough to even insert a spoon, so is having to drink liquids, and is feeling weak from the lack of nourishment. She is hoping an oral surgeon can get her in tomorrow, and since they'll have to put her completely out, I offered to take her tomorrow. I hope she is feeling better soon!

In the meantime, stay warm people, and please, do not take a BBQ into your home for warmth--it will kill you! After hearing two different news stories (one local, one national) of folks trying to fire up a BBQ indoors for added warmth--one couple in their nineties lost their lives--I thought I'd post this warning.

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Staying Positive

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Dad is so much better since my last post. They admitted him today to the hospital, and are working to get to the bottom of his recent health issues. The great news is they really don't think the cancer has come back--none of his symptoms , scans, or lab work is pointing in that direction. The ultrasounds aren't showing anything either. No one seems to know what is wrong, but I'm really encouraged by the fact they think it isn't the cancer.

Landon and I went to visit my Dad today, and I thought he looked a lot better than he had at Samuel's party the weekend before. We're staying positive!

By the way, I realized that my last post wasn't entirely true. I have a lot of things to be happy about right now that I didn't have in my early twenties. I've also realized that the past and future are not where happiness lies--it is now--and if I look closely, I think I have everything I need to be happy.

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Looking Back

Friday, February 17, 2006

I want to go back to the way things were before my life blew up in my face. I had my Ford Aspire, Josh was alive, my Dad was not sick, when something went wrong with where we were living, we called a landlord instead of dealing with it ourselves. I actually thought back then that I would never have to deal with a loved-one fighting cancer (let alone my own Dad) like I saw other people dealing with it, because something like that could never happen in my family--why would it? We've already suffered enough. Isn't there a limit to the amount one family has to suffer? I guess not, because despite all the other shit we've had to deal with in our family, my Dad got cancer anyway. As the oldest of 5 kids, I'm only 29--too young to be dealing with this, and my 21 year old brother is certainly too young to be going through this. So, I'm angry, and I wish I could just jump into this photo and go back to that day where I had my Ford Aspire and my friend Josh Arnold, and my Dad didn't have cancer. Those were happier times. My life will never be that happy ever again, because with Josh dead, and my Dad battling cancer, life is sad and depressing and can never be as happy as it was ever again. I'm sure I'll experience happiness again, but it is never going to be as happy as it was in times past.

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Small Boy, Big World

Thursday, February 16, 2006

When Samuel goes outside, he will sometimes stop, stand, and stare at a big, open space. Everything is new and amazing to him.

I've decided that I need to subscribe to a newspaper. Reading news online isn't working for me, but I think a newspaper would be a good news source for me.

I didn't get much sleep last night (again). My eyes are totally glazed over. I am going to make myself lay down with Samuel for a nap, because I am desparately in need of sleep. Karli Posted by Picasa

Code Violation

Wednesday, February 15, 2006
What a busy day I had today! BDS, Dental Appt., Meeting with Contractor, Gymboree, Dinner...lots accomplished today.
I didn't mention, but we have an open permit from a past addition that I was in the process of resolving when the BDS saw on the building plans that our furnace/water heater are located in a half-bath, which is a code violation. So, we brainstormed for a couple of days and came up with a working solution--switching the half-bath & laundry. These plans to resolve the code violation were approved this morning by the BDS. We will basically be switching our laundry and half-bath. Removing the bathroom without replacing it would be costly to the market value of the home. The water heater/furnace can stay where they are if we convert that space into a utility room--by utilizing the space in the dead-end hallway, we will have a nice, roomy laundry/utility/storage room. We will expand the current laundry closet by another foot or so and add a half-bath (in our hallway location). We have a contractor that can do all the work himself--a friend of a friend. He is putting an estimate together now, and we'll hear back in a couple of days. The home-projects never end around here.
It was quite a shock to find out from the BDS that we had a code violation that we had to fix--especially since they shouldn't have even been looking on that part of the house. But, now that they know about it, we have to fix it. Not to mention, we bought this house without knowing there were open permits (still not sure who dropped the ball on that one--the title company?), and we still have to legalize a past addition after we have this work done on the bathroom/laundry facility. Lots of hoops to jump through before we put this house on the market. This will all hopefully pay off, though, when we sell.

Valentine's Day 2006

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It has been four years today since our engagement, and a short engagement it was of only four months. Hard to believe in some ways it has been four years already--in other ways, it is completely believeable. So much has changed in our lives since then.

When I was doing my grocery shopping this afternoon, all the men in line had bunches of long-stemmed roses for their girlfriends/wives/new flings. I was kind of annoyed by it. I mean, it's kind of lame--everyone rushing out to get their 12.99 dozen roses and their chore is over. Why not at least be creative and get something other than roses, and someplace other than Fred Meyer? There is so much going on this year, that I really wasn't into Valentine's Day this time around. I did order Landon some sunflowers to be delivered to his office and got him a card, but it looks like they didn't deliver today, because he didn't say anything to me about it. Aside from that, I was busy all day sorting out some household business that we have to take care of before we can move forward with selling our house later this year.

We went out to dinner tonight, but I was so tired I guess it showed, because some lady said I looked like I needed a Mommy-break. I guess how I felt tonight showed enough that someone felt compelled to tell me. Sigh! Better work on getting some more sleep.

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Not Knowing

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Dad (pictured above this past summer on his 60th birthday w/ Samuel) is in misery today with an abdomen full of fluid again. He will go in this afternoon for the third time in less than a week to have liters drained out of his abdomen. They are still running tests, but I'm frustrated they don't have the results back yet, while my Dad has to sit around feeling miserable. Isn't there more they can do? He sees his cancer doctor tomorrow, so maybe we will hear something then. Not knowing is hard, but knowing is hard as well, especially if it is bad news. I don't know which is better--not knowing or knowing.

I wish I could wake up from this nightmare now.

It is a dark, cold, and grey day today.
Where did the sunshine go? --Karli
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Restful Day

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Today was a really nice & restful day! We left the house late-morning, and spent all afternoon in the Pearl & NW 23rd area. It was a fun day. We got Japanese take-out and ate it in the park. Samuel loved walking around at the park and watching the dogs. He laughed & laughed watching a lab run over and over after a ball its owner threw. Everything is so new to Samuel and it is really fun to watch him experience so many things for the very first time. Landon and I both agree that this is going to be an exciting summer for Samuel (and us)!

Another interesting thing we did today was tour two condos for sale in the Goosehollow neighborhood. Wow, were they nice! So much character. It would be great to have an urban residence, just a few paces from coffee shops, shopping, grocery stores, and parks. Another option (or fantasy) for us to consider when we look at moving this year!

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Celebrating Samuel

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Samuel loves the outdoors. He walks all over, and has been pretty good about not putting things in his mouth. Now that the weather has been nicer, we have been taking him outside and letting him play.

Today we had Samuel's birthday party from 2-4pm. It was a lot of fun. I made a 3-tiered carrot cake from scratch, and it turned out really well. We had ice cream, homemade salsa/chips, pita/hummus, olives, apple juice, cheerios, party favors for the kids. It was a lot of fun! Everyone got Samuel lots of nice things--it was a special party! Samuel loved licking the frosting off his cake, and ate lots of salsa. My Dad even painted a big sign for Samuel's party. It can be seen on Samuel's blog as well as a short video of Samuel walking around in our backyard after his party.

In the evening, I had such a headache, but went to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with my family after the party. It was fun going out to dinner, despite the headache! When I got home, I relaxed in the easy chair and watched Lost episodes, and by the end of the second hour, my headache was gone. I slept so hard last night and dreamed that I was friends with Peter Krause--I wish--literally, in my dreams!

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Samuel Turns One

Friday, February 10, 2006

Today Landon and I celebrated Samuel's first birthday! We went to Marco's and enjoyed a delicious dinner, and just before we started on dessert, Samuel threw up all over! It was unforgetable. I mean, there was an obscene amount of vomit. We had to completely change him, wash hands, clean the floor--it was everywhere. Kind of reminds me of Father's Day of last year (check my blog entry under 6/19/05 to be reminded of the blow-out at Starbucks if you care for more details). When we got home, Samuel opened presents from Landon and I--a puzzle, clothes, his first legos. Tomorrow is the big party, though, when we will celebrate with family. Posted by Picasa

Black Cloud of Sadness

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Dad is sick again. He has had to go in twice in the past few days to have fluid drained off, and the doctor is saying that there is a possibility that his cancer has come back, but they are running tests, and we are all holding out hope for the best.

Nonetheless, a black cloud of sadness has descended on me, and I feel sick in the pit of my stomach.

So, I went out to our garden today and pruned bushes, wheeled Samuel around in the wheelbarrow, and did some raking. Being out in the sun and keeping busy outside helped to keep my mind off of the inward sadness that I feel. Tonight, I'm going to take off for a couple of hours and do some grocery shopping for Samuel's party to keep my mind off of things some more. Anything to keep the black cloud of sadness from overtaking me completely.

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Long Wednesday Nap

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I had some plans for today, but Samuel went down for a nap at 11:30am, and here it is--almost 3pm, and he is still sound asleep. His body must be making up for lost steam during his recent viral infection. Never wake a sleeping baby, I say!

Today is a special day for me--February 8th--because it is the day I went into labor last year. I was sitting at House of Teriyaki in Tigard with Landon, Damien, Marla, and Solomon when I started to feel very full. Then, I felt my first sharp contraction. Little did I know it was the beginning of labor, since I had experienced many contractions prior to that one. As the night wore one, however, it became obvious that I was in the beginning stages. Here is an excerpt from my journal from Feb. 8, 2005:

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I went into labor tonight! We were at House of Teriyaki having dinner with Damien, his sister-in-law Marla, brother-in-law, and their son Solomon. Towards the end of dinner, I started getting contractions. At first, I ignored them, thinking that it was another false alarm, but when we were at Fred Meyer's afterwards getting some groceries, and I was stopped in my tracks with a contraction, I felt these were different than the other contractions I had experienced before. They were painful enough to stop me from what I was doing. When I got home, I started to time them, and they were every 15 minutes apart, and continued throughout the night. I was up ALL night long, and got little to no sleep. Landon slept soundly in the bedroom, and I was tossing and turning on the futon, which is the only place I could sleep semi-comfortably the ninth month of my pregnancy. Finally, at about 5:30am, Landon woke up, and I told him I was in a lot of pain from the contractions. We began to feel excited that our baby would arrive soon.
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Lost Bottle

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today was such a beautiful & sunny day! Blue skies--no jacket--kind of day. Samuel and I went over to the east side and went for a walk in the Hawthorne/Belmont neighborhood. Lots of crocuses, tulips, and daffodils coming up from the ground. We stopped by Zupan's to do some shopping on our walk, and it was as we were leaving the store that I realized that Samuel had tossed his bottle out of the stroller somewhere along the way. I didn't want to recircle the store, so decided to backtrack the way we came and hope he had tossed it outside rather than inside the store. Even if a bottle is easily replaceable, the thought of something of Samuel's laying all alone on a sidewalk somewhere made me feel sad, so I hoped that I would find it. Just as we were nearing the car, there lay the bottle forlornly smack-dab in the middle of the sidewalk. For some reason, that made me feel happy to find his bottle, even though I was already in good spirits from the sunny walk and the jasmine plant I picked up at Zupan's.

Tonight was my second time at the new book club I joined. We made Caribbean food because of the setting of the novel, In the Time of Butterflies. Excellent book, by the way. The food was all delicious. I made coconut rice & organic citrus chicken--both Caribbean dishes. Everything was great--thanks to Landon for watching Samuel!

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When a Mom Helps a Mom

Monday, February 06, 2006

The best part about today is shown in the above picture. One of the moms, Rosalina, from my playgroup surprised me by stopping by early this afternoon with some Indian food & a half-gallon of cranberry lemonade from Trader Joe's. So nice & thoughtful of her. It was just what I needed after two long days & nights with Samuel. It brought a tear to my eye!

Let me ramble on about today:

I took Samuel to see his Pediatrician this afternoon. The nurse drew blood from his little left arm--it was the first time they did this--and it was hard to watch. Samuel cried, and they had to hold him down, but I stood there and comforted him. They taped a plastic bag in place of his diaper to obtain a urine sample. They did this before they drew the blood, since babies tend to go when they feel pain. And, he did! His bloodwork showed count elevations for a viral infection. The pediatrician also noticed that he has a sore throat. She said lots of kids have been coming through with high fevers and sore throats. I think Samuel is over the worst of it by now, but she wrote us a prescription for Tylenol with Codeine to help him feel better. He slept 3 hours after the doctor's appointment after taking the first dose. I don't think I will give him any more unless he really shows signs of needing it. I think plain old Tylenol should be okay! On top of all this, I think he is teething, which only adds to his discomfort.

I ended the night (after dinner) by going to Starbucks for an hour to try to finish In the Time of Butterflies for the book-club tomorrow night. I'm supposed to make a Caribbean chicken dish as well (the book is set in the Dominican Republic), so tomorrow is looking to be busy already.

The weather today made me feel happy!
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Samuel has been so sick the past 2 days with a fever near 104. It's been so scary for us to see him this sick, and at points, he has had full body tremors. It's been a long couple of days. I'm hoping by tomorrow he will be somewhat better, and I plan to take him to see his pediatrician tomorrow.

While Samuel slept this afternoon, Landon and I were able to go outside and rake up a lot of the leaf mulch from the fall. The sun was shining (finally!) and it's starting to look a lot better out there!

I really hope Samuel feels better tomorrow. Karli Posted by Picasa

Better Days Ahead

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Okay, I am taunting myself with pictures like this one, but I have to remind myself that days with blue skies, sunshine, and a blooming, living garden are ahead. Today is Saturday, but it is dismal, grey, and pouring rain outside. Landon and Samuel are both sick--Landon with a cold and Samuel with a fever, although he is probably getting Landon's cold.

In past years, I haven't really been bothered so much by the rain, but now as a stay-at-home mother, it has taken its toll! I'm so tired of being indoors! I am eagerly anticipating walks, hikes, gardening, freshly mowed green grass, and blooming perennials. Until then, I'm going to have to make another trip to Trader Joe's for more blooming daffodils and crocuses to cheer up the living room & kitchen.

I hope we have some rainless days coming up in the near future!
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Friday, February 03, 2006

I had a good day today! After visiting Heather & Logan in the morning (Starbucks coffees in hand), I came home and laid Samuel down for a nap. He actually had fallen asleep in the car, so I just transported him to his crib. He slept for about an hour and a half, and I spent about 45 minutes of that time outside pruning bushes, cutting back dead growth from last year's perennials, and tried to clean up the yard a little bit, but we have a long way to go. There are oak limbs, beds of moss in the grass, patches of grass coming up in the garden beds. Lots of work to do. I'm trying to figure out how we're going to actually get any work done this year with Samuel running around outside. We have to keep an eye on him at all times. There are so many poisonous mushrooms, bulbs, foliage, not to mention instects and dangerous choking hazards (he still puts everything in his mouth).

This evening, I met a Mom to talk about babies & sleep issues. It was fun!

I'm glad it is the weekend. Landon is sick with a cold, so we'll probably stay indoors a lot--plus, with this rain, we don't have much choice!

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